What Will Be A Better 3D Rendering Software: V-Ray or Lumion

You've successfully completed your 3D modelling or design, all you need now is to have a feel of what you've created. How do you do that? With a 3D rendering program! These 3D rendering programs are available in their multitude and some have features that are unique to them. Some 3D rendering software ranks higher in usage when compared to other types. Some of this 3D rendering software include V-RAY and Lumion which we will be looking at today. We will be looking at the strong points of each of this software, as well as their weak points to use...

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Using 3D Modelling Technologies in 2020

In this year 2020 and even beyond, 3D modelling technologies have come to stay and will continue to be around. If you've been concerned about 3D modelling technology (there are a lot of reasons you should) and have been thinking about how it will be used in this year 2020, this article provides answers to that. Before the year, 3D modelling has been around for a while, replacing the 2D modelling (not totally) or sometimes augmenting it. This year, however, 3D modelling and design technology is very much around and continues to be used in innovative and creative manners across...

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Top Sites to Download 3D Models for 3D Printing

There would be no 3D printing without the 3D model to be printed. You can either chose to design the 3D model from scratch or you look for pre-designed models that you can print on your 3D printer. If you chose to get these predesigned models, we have compiled for you, a list of top websites where you can download free and premium STL files to print with your 3D printing machine. CGTrader CGTrader offers a large database of 3D models for your download pleasure. Some of the models are free to download, while others come at affordable premium prices....

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3D Computer Graphics Software

There are many 3D Computer graphics software used in various manners in games, architectures, movies, and many other fields. You can make different designs with the 3D software from small and simple designs to large lifelike, surreal environments and even designs that can be printed with 3D printing technologies. We know there are a lot of people interested in these technologies, and we've compiled a list of the top 5 3D Computer Graphics Software that you can use to make stunning and beautiful designs as you wish. However, before we go into the list of the top app, let's look...

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The Best 3D Modelling Software 2020 - 2021

The modelling software in this list does not automatically turn you into a pro artist, you will be required to up your skills to get more value from them. However, they will make it quite possible for you to let your imaginations run wild. The best software will allow you to create incredible models and objects, as well as beautiful animations. With your level of proficiency, the top applications will make your ideas come alive in awesome ways. This 3D software in this list are mostly paid, but some of them have trial versions that you can try them out...

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Comparing Autodesk Maya and Cinema 4D: Which is Better?

AUTODESK MAYA Maya from Autodesk offers users a wide range of features. It has a lot of powerful tools that make 3d rendering, 3d modelling, rigging, animation and exporting. The impeccable experience of the development team of Autodesk Maya makes it even more efficient for users with regular updates. Maya is an industry-standard for animation and modelling for a very long time now. It also has a rendering system that is so powerful and realistic and produces high-quality 3D rendering. Maya also allows users to write custom scripts and download the scripts as well. It is awesome for learners and...

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