Top Sites to Download 3D Models for 3D Printing

There would be no 3D printing without the 3D model to be printed. You can either chose to design the 3D model from scratch or you look for pre-designed models that you can print on your 3D printer. If you chose to get these predesigned models, we have compiled for you, a list of top websites where you can download free and premium STL files to print with your 3D printing machine.

Download 3D Models for 3D Printing


CGTrader offers a large database of 3D models for your download pleasure. Some of the models are free to download, while others come at affordable premium prices. Jewellery designs come top among the printable designs at CGTrader. Not all the designs are printable, but the printable designs have a dedicated database that's easily navigated.


This platform is probably where you'll get the most mind-blowing, high-end and professional 3D designs. All the files on TurboSquid are however available at cost and there are no free designs. Also not all the designs are optimized for print. Unlike some other platforms, however, TurboSquid offers no filter for printable files, and you might need to make adjustments and edit to your downloaded models before printing.

Cults 3D

At Cults 3D, you get a different range of files for your printer. Whether you're looking for maker-inspired 3D models or more professional and high-quality STL files, cults 3D has something for you. All the designs at Cults 3D are all checked for printability and are grouped into categories like fashion, jewellery, home, gadgets, architecture etc. Cults boasts of a modern interface, beautiful, smart and useful designs, and a well-arranged database that makes your search very easy and fun. There are a lot of free files at Cults 3D, and even the premium items are highly affordable.


Pinshape is quite popular among 3D enthusiasts with a very large database of STL files for your 3D printing machine. Pinshape has a user interface that is friendly and straightforward, as well aa database that is well arranged for easy navigation. If you are looking for a massive amount of free STL files or premium models that you need not break the bank to purchase, Pinshape is your plug.


A close competitor of Cults 3D and Pinshape, 3D Shook has an interface that makes it awesome and easy to navigate. A lot of the 3D models at 3D shook are focused on fun and the database is limited. There are free STL files at 3D shook, however, majority of the designs are at a cost albeit a very affordable one.

Download 3D Models


Thingiverse is another platform to source your 3D models for your 3D printer. Thingiverse beats a lot of many other similar platforms for its large database of free designs. It's probably the largest open source for all your STL file needs. Aside from being entirely free, to download from Thingiverse, you don't need to register an account with them. The interface is easy to use, but well behind on organization in comparison to Cults 3D and Pinshape.


If you are looking to get technical, engineering and scale 3D models, the best place to be is GrabCAD. They provide only professional technical 3D models for anyone in need of such. They have a very large database of professional technical models that you can download, and every of the model in their database is available for free download. However, the files at GrabCAD are not optimized for printing and night require touch-ups if you want to print them on a 3D printer.

3D Warehouse

3D warehouse, like GrabCAD, is also a website that offers a collection of geometrical, architecture and product designs and scale models. The models at the 3D warehouse are mostly created with SketchUp modelling software. While not all files on the site are optimized for 3D printing, 3D warehouse allows you to filter out printable models with their advanced search option. This is another large database STL files hub that offers their designs or models for free.


A close platform to the TurboSquid platform, 3DExport offers amazing 3D models or STL files at a premium. There are no free models on the 3DExport database. However, there's a dedicated category on 3DExport for already optimized designs that are printable from a 3D printer.

Remix 3D

Remix 3D is the community of Microsoft modellers that share their models and designs among each other. The models at Remix 3D are well organized into different categories and with the Microsoft paint 3D app, you can edit the designs. You can also make edits to the models with the VR/AR all, mixed reality. The STL files on Remix are available for free download and can be printed from a 3D printer. Remix 3D is a perfect destination for beginners


While Yeggi is not a database of 3D models, it is a place to go to whenever you need to search for printable files and models. Look at it as a 'Google' search engine for printable STL files or 3D models. Yeggi filters all available 3D designs that are printable for 3D printers- both free and premium from where you can select your choice.

3D models and printing are becoming more popular every day and if you are looking to get into the game now and you need designs for your 3D printer, these resources are very useful and offer you everything you need for your 3D printing.