Terms and Conditions

3D Horse Models Terms

Following legal document constitutes the unique legal link between the Customer (following denoted as “Customer”, “Client”, “User” or simply as “you”) and 3D Horse (following as “we”, “The Company” or “3D Horse”).

Purchasing at least one product (which is not to intend as a physical product but as a 3D models/digital designs) from www.3DHorse.com (following denoted as “The Website” or “The Service”), you show to have completely read and understood current legal document, accepting any part/clause inserted in it.

In current Terms and Conditions statement we will clearly specify what the customer may do or may do not with our general services and our goods.

The customer may:

  •  Use purchased product in any kind of project/design as presentations, advertising activities, general campaigns, web applications, mobile applications and related.
  • Modify/edit/rearrange purchased product design giving it the best fit for customer's purposes.
  • Decide to terminate the purchased license, destroying any type of product copies and any kind of derivative products from original good.

The customer may not:

  • Redistribute original product or any type of product modification without our written consent.
  • Use our product for any illegal, violent, defamatory or related purposes.

In any case, any product present at our website will always remain a property of 3D Horse.

Whenever you make purchases through 3DHorse.com, you are not granted the copyright of the 3D models. We own the copyright to everything we well through the site and that we make for a particular client, unless otherwise stated within a unique instance of a licensing agreement.