Maya VS Blender – Which Is Better?

The differences between Maya and blender are as clear as night and day. To start with, the manufacturers of the two programs are two different companies. While Maya is made by Autodesk, Blender is the product of Blender Foundation. The differences in manufacturers cannot, however, be used to decide which one between the two is the best. In this write-up, we are going to examine each of these two software in detail with the aim of finding out which one is the better. Maya This program is an industry leader when it comes to creating 3D models, animations, graphics, and...

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Top 25 Rendering Engines for 3DS Max

To make 3DS Max even better, there are a number of rendering software that can be used together with it. The varoius software come with a number of great features that make them good as rendering tools. They include the following: Arnold. Here is the number one tool for supporting 3DS Max rendering functionality. It is fast, uses very little hard drive memory, and has an accessible physically-based raytracer.   V-Ray. As the second-best rendering solution for 3DS Max, this tool can be used for design jobs in the media, automotive design, entertainment, film, VFX, architecture, and other industries.  ...

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Which Software Is the Best – Revit or 3DS Max?

That isn’t a question you can easily answer. You have to carefully assess the unique features of Revit and 3DS Max to know which of the stands out. After all, they are all Autodesk products but made with totally different features. When examining which of these two is the best, you need to look at which one of them is best for design and which stands out as far as Building Information Management(BIM) is concerned. Of these two, 3DS Max was the first to be developed and is, therefore based on the older Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology. Revit, on...

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Cinema 4D VS Maya – Which Is Better?

Are you just launching out into the 3D world? If ‘yes’, you will have to decide which software will best help you create 3D assets. That’s due to the fact that computer graphics programs are many and come with varied features. If you have used Cinema 4D, then you know how it closely related with Maya. Although these two programs can be used to produce almost comparable work, they have a number of distinguishing features. In this write-up, we shall focus on the features, functions, and their distinguishing elements. Cinema 4D is mainly used for 3D modeling, animation, and rendering...

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3DS Max or Revit, which is Better?

If you already have a career in Computer Aided Design (CAD), then you are familiar with 3D Max and Revit. These two software are products of Autodesk. But which of these two is the best design software? Which is easy to use and which is the best when it comes to Building Information Modelling (BIM)? Since it is the earlier software, 3DS Max is based on the older CAD technology, while Revit is majorly used for BIM purposes. While 3D Max is used mainly for designing graphics as well as 3D graphics, Revit is more of an architectural design tool....

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Beginners Guide to Learning 3D Computer Graphics

Over the years, computer graphics have morphed from their original 2D format into more realistic 3D images. All over the world, the demand for 3D graphic designers continues to grow. Therefore, if you are looking to make an impact as a 3D graphic designer, you must get the requisite training. But just how do you learn 3D computer graphics when you are merely a beginner? That’s a question many individuals who are just starting out in this line of work ask. In this write-up, we are going to give you a beginner’s guide to 3D computer graphics. Read on and...

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