10 Facebook Pages to Follow About 3D Models

10 Facebook Pages to Follow About 3D Models

Facebook is one of the go-to places for people looking to learn all about 3D models. If you are just starting out in the industry, there are a number of Facebook pages you can follow to learn about the latest industry developments. The following are 10 Facebook pages to follow about 3D models.

  1. 3D Models 4U

Over 1,500 people like this page. It is dedicated to the promotion of blogs from 3dmodels4u4free.blogspot.com. Whether you are just starting out or a professional 3D models designer, you can get inspiration on this page. Mostly, the ideas concern interior design. You will see anything from furniture, electric lamps, vases, and picture frames.

  1. 3D Modeling Extremist

If you want to see some unique 3D models, then this is the page to follow. It is dedicated to 3dmodeling-extremist.blogspot.com. It features 3D movie animations and other art. If you are looking for inspiration for creating video games and other 3D characters, this is where you should start. You will basically get a view of the best 3D models anywhere. Join the over 3,000 people who are already following this page.

  1. 3D Model Pro

On this page, you get an idea of the latest news and trends in 3D modeling. It is great for architects and other 3D designers. They share design ideas in the form of illustrations and video lessons. People who are into making 3D movies will be able to sample some of the best films out there. The site also has great home décor ideas for those involved in the industry. The page has over 96,000 likes.

  1. 3D Models

This page is relatively new. But what it lacks in followers, it has in great posts on 3D models of cars. It also showcases some of the best-designed cars on the market. You will be able to view models such as Ferrari, Mercedes Benz, Lexus, and so on. If you are looking for inspiration or just want to know the latest 3D models on offer, this is the go-to site. They also have 3D models from some of the most popular racing video games.

  1. 3D Modeling and Animation

This isn’t a Facebook page but a group. So far, it has 2,800 likes, which makes it relatively new. The purpose of this group is to connectdesigners with potential employers. It makes sense to join or follow this group if you are an artist. It is expected that in just a few years, employers will make this a go-to place when looking for the best 3D artists. Apart from that, designers can get inspiration from the ideas shared here.

  1. Free 3D CAD Models

This Facebook page was created by PARTcommunity.com and has over 60,000 likes. It showcases great 3D CAD Models which are already featured on the PARTcommunity.com website. So far, the website boasts of over 28.5 million downloads of 3D CAD models. Anybody looking for inspiration for your next project or you want some readymade 3D CAD models, this is the place to be.

  1. 3D Pirate – Free 3D Models

The 3D Pirate Facebook page was created for sharing blogs from mediafire.com. This website is one of those which offers 3D models for download free of charge. Among the models shared on the page include bicycles, concept tables, kitchenware, vases, interior design, and sofa sets. This Facebook page has over 17,000 likes. It is the go-to place for those looking for inspiration for their next project. Those who want to know more about 3D models are also welcome.

  1. Free 3D Models Stock

It seems that many Facebook pages are offering 3D models for download free of charge. This is one of them. It showcases blog posts from the website free3dmodelsstock.com. You will find all types of models on this page including balls, transporter chairs, bookshelves, and so on. They also share industry news and trends as they happen. So far, the page has 5,400 likes.

  1. Maya 3D Modeling Page

This Facebook page is dedicated to teaching its followers what it takes to use the Maya software. So far, it has over 6,000 likes. Apart from that, there are posts about 3D Maya videos for sale. Here, you will not just learn about 3D models but also how to make them. You can take any of the assignments to gauge your Maya skills.

  1. TurboSquid 3D Models

Here is one of the Facebook pages that have been created specifically to serve as a forum for posting blogs from the web. It is dedicated to TurboSquid.com. The page showcases all types of 3D models ranging from interior design ideas to furniture. In addition to that, you will read blogs about general information of interest. It has over 25,000 likes.

Anyone who is interested in learning about 3D models is advised to visit any of these pages. If you would like to download 3D models, welcome.