Best 3D Modeling Online Courses

Best 3D Modeling Online Courses

Individuals who hope to find space in the digital creative industry must of necessity learn 3D modeling techniques. With the right skills, you can find a job in a wide range of industries including film, video game production, manufacturing, engineering, and so on.

If you are new to the industry, you need help to master the necessary skills that will make you a 3D modeling expert. Given the number of things you need to learn, it will be a long time coming before you start feeling comfortable with a 3D modeling software.

To help you acquire the necessary skills, there are a number of online courses you can take. Besides that, you need to do a lot of individual practice to become an expert. With hard work, dedication, and investment of your time, you should be able to get the best out of 3D modeling.

Here are some of the best 3D modeling online courses you can try:

  1. Udemy Blender Modeling Course

This is an online platform that offers several 3D modeling courses many of which have been hailed as fantastic. For example, they have a Blender modeling course which runs for more than 50 hours and has a lot of practice exercises. If you go through the video course to the end, you will have learned all the Blender basics.

The good thing with Blender is that it is an open-source, free software suitable for 3D modeling newbies. Once you become a professional, you may continue using this software to come up with the best 3D models. You will learn the model creation, coloring, animation, and rendering techniques.

  1. Mold3D Academy Character Creation Course

3D artists in need of online coaching will find Mold3D Academy to be very useful. With this online course, you have the option of taking one-on-one or group classes. Due to its private nature, the former costs a premium. One of their best-known programs is the character creation course.

You may also choose the self-paced program in which you are allowed to study at your own pace and time. The reason these courses are highly recommended is the qualifications and experience with which the instructors come. Some have worked for major film and animations companies such as Blue Sky Studios and Disney.

  1. CGMA 3D Modeling Course

On the CGMA platform, you will find a variety of 3D modeling courses touching on character design, animation, and rigging. The only drawback with CGMA is the high cost of their courses.  But with the high cost comes the highest quality of instruction from the best tutors you can find anywhere.

They have a great course to introduce you to production modeling, especially if you are a beginner. All you need to have is a basic knowledge of ZBrush and Maya. In just 5 weeks, you would have learned digital modeling skills and how to make use of them as part of a production team. This course is great for looking for skills in the creation of video games.

  1. Lynda 3D Modeling Courses

Lynda offers some of the best 3D modeling online courses, great for individuals who are just starting out. They operate on a monthly subscription basis. You pay a monthly fee and get access to their huge library of video tutorials.

Some of the things you can learn on Lynda include VFX, video editing, web design, and the basics of art & illustration. It works for someone looking to learn a variety of skills that may not necessarily be geared towards 3D modeling. Compared to other platforms, Lynda stands out because of the variety of video tutorials offered.

  1. Pluralsight 3D Modeling Courses

Like Lynda, Pluralsight is an online library, which you can access by paying for their monthly subscriptions. Apart from the 3D modeling courses, they also have materials on IT, programming, and technology in general.

They have a collection of over 6,000 courses touching on a variety of technical subjects. Since the courses are self-paced you can learn at your convenience, especially for individuals with busy schedules. Their courses touch on most of the available 3D modeling software including Maya, Blender, 3ds Cinema, and so on.

  1. The Gnomon Workshop 3D Modeling Courses

If your aspiration is to work in the entertainment industry, The Gnomon Workshop is where you should learn your skills. Apart from 3D modeling, you will also learn how to create characters and environments. The platform also provides you with skills on how to deal with anatomy and photogrammetry. Video game creators will gain a number of useful skills by making use of the resources provided by this platform.

The only secret with succeeding in 3D modeling design is to start taking a suitable course. In this quest, procrastination is never an option. The earlier you enroll for these courses, the better for you. They will cost you some money but the dividends you get are completely worth the while.