Who Uses 3D Modeling Software?

Who uses 3D modeling software

The process of 3D printing involves developing and customizing a printable design. Today, there are several industries whopurchase and utilize 3D modeling software's todesign stunning graphics and animation. Multi-national Software companies like Auto Desk and Dassault Systems are some of the global suppliers of 3D modeling software which cater to the needs and requirements of various industries. Now let us look at some of the top industries who utilizes 3D modeling software.

1. The Gaming Industry

The Gaming Industry has earned gross revenue of nearly seventy billion dollars back in the year 2015. Today of the complex and realistic video games are designed and developed with the help of 3D modeling soft wares. The creation of computer games is becoming more complicated each year since most of them require high-quality 3D models such as small props, scenes, characters like aliens and people. Today, most of the companies who are dealing in the development of 3D games are resorting to high-polygon film quality 3D models and shaded technologies to enhance realistic effects. Even universities are conducting courses on 3D modeling for computer games exclusively for hard-core gaming programmers.

 2. Entertainment Industry

The Entertainment Industry also relies on 3D modeling soft wares to create special effects. The evolution of computer animation in the field of movies and television had initially begun in the year 1960. One of the finest examples of 3D Hollywood movie is Avatar where you will come across the presence of visual effects. If a particular character or a scene does not fit the frame, the 3D graphic artists make use of the 'Computer Graphics Imaging' to eliminate unnecessary scenes and characters such as palm trees.

 3. Advertising and Marketing

Even some of the advertisers are resorting to Digital Media platforms to promote their products. They make use of the 3D modeling software to create animation of a product and its demonstration. The potential internet users can even customize the product according to their needs and requirements. For example, changing or editing the material as well as textual properties. One can even display his/her creativity during the customization of a product. It enables the companies to create brand new cars, packaging of products as well as prototypes. If their product requires any change, they can edit or change the entire computer model.

 4. Architecture

The advent of 3D modeling software has changed the phase of architecture. Unlike earlier architects who depended heavily on physical model building, present day professionals are able to create life-like simulations of massive structures, which not only look realistic but also have walk through features and lighting effects. This creates the illusion of reality and also makes it easy for the architect to experiment with different colors and texture scenarios. Naturally, this makes presentation of their creation to their clients easy and impressive. There are also features, which help in determining the structural effectiveness highlighting the distribution of forces on key aspects of the structure and its inherent strengths and weaknesses.

3D Burj

 5. Publishing Companies

Today most of the text book publishers and illustrated weekly's are utilizing the 3D modeling software. By using this software, publishers can enliven the books by including impressive and self-explanatory pictures apart from depicting fantasies that spur the imagination. Newspapers make use of info graphics to explain visually the sequence of events of a news item or simplify complex data by using visuals which would otherwise be meaningless.

 6. Education

In this digital era, most of the students of educational institutions and Universities make use of the 3D content for wide varieties of internet applications. For example: 3D modeling soft wares is helpful in reconstructing ancient cities and simulated war scenarios in history.  Obviously, this makes the teaching of subjects like Archaeology, History and Geography very realistic, interestingand entertaining. Many educational channels and software make use of this.

 7. Geology and Science

A 3D modeling softwareis also used by geologists and scientists to develop simulations of earthquakes, volcanoes and ocean trenches. Apart from that, subjects like astronomy and physics make use of these soft wares to explain the working of Universe at one end and subatomic particles at the other. Comprehending the complexities of nature and theories become very easy by using 3D modeling software.

3D Whales Skeletons

 8. Government and Military

Nowadays, Government projects like restoration of a building and designing highways are very expensive. The 3D modeling software is a useful and effective tool to develop photo realistic images as well as animations. The Military and Government Agencies make use of this software to impart training to the cadets and troops for simulated war games. This is particularly useful while giving training to people like pilots in using and maneuvering sophisticated and expensive equipment’s like B-52 bombers. It also assists in building various war scenarios to help in formulating defense tactics and strategies. Modern Warfare being heavily dependent on technology and skill greatly help in providing experience to air and marine personnel.

 9. Product Development

In manufacturing industry, product design and development is very important to cater and customize to the needs of the market. Product development is made easy by making use of 3D software in designing aesthetically and mechanically superior products. Industries like Automobile rely heavily on these graphics software to design and streamline cars either for commercial or sports market. In both these areas, product design is a critical factor.

Sports car for example need to be precisely streamlined and exquisitely designed to perform exceedingly well on the racetrack. Apart from this, those products that need good packaging also rely upon 3D graphics software to create packaging that are not only having good protective features but also alluring designs.

3D modeling software has become so important that almost every industry makes immense use of this. Some of the popular 3D modeling soft wares, which are used by the industries include Auto Cad, Maya, Blender, Sketch Up, and ZBrush, Cinema 4D, Free CAD, Space Claim, Self CAD and Solid Edge.