Which Is Better for 3D: Maya or Cinema 4D?

Computer field is really awesome and you have to stay updated about new software in the market and all new technologies. So, you would have definitely seen Avatar and Transformers movies. These movies were totally mind blowing and the reason behind this awesomeness was the amazing and real like graphics. All of this was possible just due to 3D graphics and animation. Graphics and animation are the hottest professional fields in movie industry and advertisement.

It is the best time to try your luck in animation and graphics but first of all, you need to learn skills that are required for this field and many new comers ask that which software or application they should learn to enter this field or which is the best program to learn now a day? There is a long list of applications that you can use for creation of computer graphics. It is obvious that you cannot learn all of these so you have to choose one or two. Be sure to learn the best possible skill set and choose most trending tool according to market demand.

Maya and Cinema 4D

Maya and Cinema 4D are two mostly used applications for 3D graphics and animation. Most of the movies have been created with the help of these tools. These two are real competitors and it is hard to choose one of these as both have their own perks and pros. So let’s have a look on both of these tools so you can decide that which one is suitable for your needs.

Autodesk Maya

Maya is complete tool for a professional animator and graphic designer. Its main usage is about the animation of characters and it is mostly used by movie professionals and Avatar was also created by using Maya. Maya is also very flexible for developing the models for video games.

Maya Embedded Language

These qualities are also present in many other tools but what makes it so special? The best thing about Maya is its writing language and its great functionality that allows the use of many other plugins and buttons or menus can be easily customized and that’s pretty amazing feature.


The user interface of Maya is really functional and has detailed guideline for user. But new user may find it a little bit difficult but will be comfortable after few tries. It not only works for 3D graphics and animation but many other fields like modeling and enlightenment also require use of Maya.

Maya and Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D is also a very effective and popular tool for 3D modeling, animation and rendering as you can do in Maya. It is mostly used in T.V industry and many advertiser like to use Cinema 4D as it allows to create content with better use of quality and in an easy way as compared to Maya.

Easy to Use

It is mostly recommended for beginners too.It is easy to use as compared to all other available tools. It is best as it offers very to use graphical interface. It has very few and basic buttons but more functionality can be accessed for professional and advanced use.

Adobe Plugins

Cinema 4D has a great feature that allows connecting it directly with Adobe after Effects and any change you make in Cinema 4D file, will also be introduced in Adobe. You can save and manipulate different versions of same file in Cinema 4D.


Both tools have their own strengths and now it’s your decision to choose one of these. Be sure that you choose the right one and meets your criteria. Maya has more open doors for developers. So Maya has better job opportunities.Maya has more users and you can easily learn about Maya and it is already being used by many professionals. But you can choose whatever you want according to your needs and choice.