Best 3D Modeling Software

Best 3D Modeling Software

Today most of the graphic designers leverage 3D Modeling Software to design and develop 3D graphics and animation. It is a useful and effective tool to create realistic and high-resolution mock-ups. At the same time, it is an ideal opportunity to enhance their existing graphic designing skills. Now let us discuss some of the top 3D modeling software.

1. Sketch Up

Sketch up which was previously known by the name 'Google Sketch Up' could be one of the perfect choices for a novice. It is software which can be downloaded for free through the internet. Latest versions are also available at exorbitant rates. They are widely used in the field of land scape architecture, mechanical engineering and movie industries.

2. Blender

Blender is the second best video editing soft wares which can be used to develop stunning 3D games, animations and awesome simulations including fire and fumes. It is compatible on platforms such as Windows Vista, Linux and Mac Operating System. This software features a game engine.

3. AutoCad

AutoCad which was designed and marketed by an American Multi-National Software Corporation named Autodesk is yet another popular graphic application. It is one of the preferred software by engineers and graphic designers as well. The company even provides tutorials on how to get started via basics.

4. Rhino

Rhino is 3D computer graphics software which was designed by an American Private Company named Robert Mc Neel and Associates. It is CAD software which is commonly used by designers and architects. This company also provides online tutorials along with interactive sessions with experts.

5. Revit

Revit is modeling software which was developed by Auto Desk. It is primarily used by land scape architects and structural engineers to craft 2D elements by referring the database of a building's model. One of the unique features of this graphic design application is that one can seamlessly construct a model and re-edit if required.

6. 3DS Max

3D's Max launched by Autodesk is widely used to design 3D games, animations and graphical images. 3D's Max is a powerful tool where one can create realistic illustrations with vibrant textures and patterns. It is user-friendly software which is compatible on platforms like Microsoft Windows.

7. Maya

Autodesk Maya is yet 3D graphics software which shares similar features to that of 3D's Max. This software was exclusively designed for professional designers rather than beginners. It is one of the common graphics soft wares which are used to develop visual effects and life-like characters. It is compatible on Windows and Linux.

8. Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D which was developed by a German based company 'MAXON Company GMBH' is a software application used by graphic designers and architects to create motion graphics. Cinema 4D is one of the popular soft wares in movie industry. Some of the famous characters from the Hollywood Movie 'Iron Man' were created with the help of this software.