V-Ray Rendering Engine Makes Images More Realistic

3D Burj Model

Typical photo and film viewing also evolved into a better way to view it. Modernization definitely also brought innovation in the photography, online gaming and big screen movie industry. People nowadays never stop on developing new invention that can improve the way of life of the people. Part of the innovation in the photo, film and gaming industry V-Ray was introduced to provide a better quality of photos, movie and online games to the public

Traditional photo, movie viewing and online gaming had also evolved. It was produced to provide more realistic photos, games and high quality movie to the people. V-Ray made photos, movies and online games become more realistic, appealing and attractive to the people. V-Ray is a rendering engine which is used as an additional part of 3D Computer Graphics software. People who are responsible in developing this kind of software are Vladimir Koylazov and Peter Mitey who are part of the Chaos Software Production studio. Chaos Software Production studio was established in 1997.

V-ray is a rendering engine that used complex techniques for global illumination Algorithms such as photo mapping and path racing. This technique was already used by most conventional renderers because using 3D Software can provide high standard and generally can make photos more realistic because of the lighting effects used in this technique. V-ray is also used in the video game and big screen industries.It can also make the 3D renderings for architecture more realistic Some desktop 3D editors such as Cinema 4D, Maya, Sketchup, Softimage, Blender, Rhinoceros 3D and 3ds Max support the V-Ray Rendering Engine. Online 3D editor Clara.io also supports the V-Ray rendering engine. V-Ray rendering engine was used by some of the large scale movie productions such as Final Destination II and The Last Samurai. Computer game Onimusha and music videos of Nine Inch Nails and other artists used V-Ray to improve their animation and effects. V-Ray also used in the field of architecture because it can make provide high standard to the architectural visualization, it is used in architecture to handle effects like glossy reflection, area shadows and many more.


The software 3D rendering engine definitely introduces newly developed techniques that people can use to make photos, computer games and big screen movies with high standard and quality. Surely the people will enjoy watching movies and other big production that used V-Ray rendering engine. V-Ray rendering engine had already adapted to the needs of the people who are users and benefactors of the V-Ray rendering engine.

Today, the developer of the V-Ray rendering engine introduced new version of the software, the developer of the software is confident that the new version of it can provide better than the previous version. New V-Ray have many features such as accurate daylight simulation through the new V-Ray sky environment and sunlight, set up parameters in photographic camera, extended support for render elements, physical camera that let users take virtual photographers, new shades, new materials and SDK that permits users to replace or extend all aspects of the software.
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