Great Examples of 3d Models

3D Models refer to the animated objects or things that are present in the world of 3d animation and 3d modeling. Since these 3d models are already included in the 3D series, all of its movements and appearances are more realistic already. Here are the great examples of these animated 3d models that will surely inspire the other 3d animators to work harder:

• Stroll in the Swamp

This is an example of animated model for 3D series that was created by Anthony Guebels. Guebels is one of the most skillful 3D artists in Ubisoft Montreal. And one of the best accomplishments of this guy was the Stroll in the Swamp which was created with the use of 3ds Max, Photoshop and ZBrush.

• Fatzilla


This is another example of 3D Models that the people in this world will never forget. This animated model for 3D series of animation characters shows a fat Godzilla. The motion designer of this 3D model is Yaroslav Primachenko who used ZBrush to construct it. The required retopology for this model was provided with the use of the popular 3ds Max.

• The Bed Monster


This character was created to narrate the story of a child who fearlessly attacked a bed monster in the middle of a very peaceful night. This example of 3D Models shows a little girl who has excellent shotgun skills. The monster who loves to mess with kids suffered from the consequences of putting the unbreakable braveness of this little girl on a test. This 3D model was an animation art of Aamir, an excellent animator.

• Space Girl


This is a 3D model which was created by Carles Gonzalez. Gonzalez is one of the most talented animators in this world nowadays. And most of the accomplishments of this guy are being used as characters for videogames and films. The Space Girl was created by Gonzalez as a product of spare time animation. This 3D model took several months just be accomplished by its creator. It is very artistic and interesting to watch. The writer of this article is very sure that the creator of this 3D model enjoyed the sketching and initial stages of the animation of Space Girl.
In the process of creating 3D Models, what matters most is the passion of the animators for 3D modeling and animation. Only those individuals who possess the competitive skills that are needed in the field of 3D modeling and animation can produce the most attractive and top selling examples of these animated models in the future.
The examples of 3D Models that were given in this article were taken from the internet. Just enter in the title of each model in the search bars of search engines to get more details about the animators and features. A 3D model is not difficult to create if an animator is equipped with the best 3D animation and modeling software that are very affordable and proven effective when it comes to the process of improving the motion and appearance of an animated model for 3D animation scenes.