The Most Popular High Speed Trains

High Speed Trains

High speed trains were created to provide faster rail transportation service in the different parts of the world. Most of the places that are equipped with these powerful vehicles nowadays are the cities and countries where the level of economy increases fast. The needed equipments and materials in assembling this type of train are very expensive. And poor nations won’t be able to purchase it to construct high speed rail transportation vehicles for their countries. In this article, the most popular examples of these vehicles will be enumerated to help the people in the process of understanding its main difference from the traditional models of train that are using steamed engines and fuels before.

One of the most popular high speed trains that can be found in this planet nowadays is the Acela Express of the United States of America. This train serves as the rail transportation service of the America people from Washington to Boston. The train stops in the different parts of Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York City to pick up additional passengers. According to some individuals, Acela Express is the fastest train in America. The highest rate of speed that it can attain is two hundred forty kilometers per hour which is equivalent to one hundred fifty miles per hour.

Alfa Pendular is another example of high-speed trains that can be found in the area of Portugal. This train is well known as the Pendolino tilting train of Portugal. The train has a maximum speed level of two hundred twenty kilometers per hour or one hundred thirty seven miles per hour. The train was assembled by the team of ADtranz. The Portuguese individuals claimed that this is the best train in Portugal that possesses the power of the new tilting technology. Such technology makes its running performance cool and really fast.

In Spain, another example of high speed trains can be found at the rail station of RENFE. And this train is well known as the AVE Class 100. This train was used to provide AVE services to the RENFE. This train was introduced in Spain in the period of 1992. According to those individuals who have successfully tested its top speed, the train can run at a maximum speed level of three hundred thirty kilometers per hour which is equivalent to two hundred ten miles per hour. AVE Class 100 has successfully exceeded the standards of RENFE in Spain for almost twenty years.
If AVE Class 100 train is considered as a high-speed rail transportation vehicle in Spain, what about its successor which is the AVE Class 112? AVE Class 112 is a modern example of the AVE Class trains in Spain. It is also a high-speed train that can run faster than its predecessor which is the AVE Class 100. The maximum speed of this train is almost three hundred fifty kilometers per hour or two hundred twenty miles per hour. The performance of this train is really great and superb. All of these trains served several individuals in the different parts of the globe for several years. And right now, new examples of such trains are ready to replace the older models.
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