Getting Started with 3D Models

Getting Started with 3D Models
Do you like video games? How about movies? Video games and movies are among those that use 3D models, mathematical representations of three dimensional objects in solid, physical form. These 3D models are used to portray the real world as well as to create conceptual visuals of art and entertainment among other things.


It’s not only in movies and games that 3D models are used for. Even in education and instruction, medicine, architecture and other major industries, 3D models serve a big role as it helps better and quicken their processes. There are many benefits and advantages that 3D models have to offer. With 3D models, artists are able to learn wide range of techniques for creating animation, models and visualizations.

How Are 3D Models Constructed

Not all but there are some 3D models which are constructed from NURBS or non-uniform rational b-spline. These are mathematical representations that are usually standard shapes but can also be free-form shapes. When it comes to smooth shapes, 3D models are usually defined by the computationally complex bezel curves. For the structural build, the models are often consisting of polygons.

When you are creating 3D models for animation, it usually needs careful construction. This is because the polygon layout for these 3D models can create unusual deformations which can prove to be quite an issue. For animations, you also need to construct a skeleton as well as paint weights. Creating these will define the model’s texture and the deformation of the polygon when it is under movement.

There are also 3D models which define their surfaces by means of shaders. These are programs capable of mathematically defining surface characteristics including color and lightplay. On the other hand, there are also 3D models which utilize 2D image files known as maps in defining color, light emission, specularity and surface texture.

These 3D models are especially used in games with raste graphics. These games need to deliver real-time frame rates and such 3D models are especially useful in this type of games. Recently, there’s a new development in 3D modeling called reality capture. In reality capture, remote sensing tech is used in order to quickly and accurately captures complex forms.

Advantages of Using 3D Models

There is much advantage to 3D models in a number of fields. Without 3D models, complex processes would not have been simplified. In the medical field, it would have been really difficult to perform surgeries or going through the digestive system for certain medical procedures.

In the film industry, recreation of events would not only take time but also money which 3D renders help a lot. Through 3D models, events like fires are easily recreated and then rendered to models that help in sequence of films when making films.

With 3D models, artists and professionals are able to see an object before it is actually constructed, evaluate it and fix whatever is needed to be fixed ensuring that the final product will be perfect. Utilizing 3D modeling softwares, creating 3D models mimicking art using photorealistic abilities and complex lighting is possible. These are models that benefit many forms of media.