How to Find Free 3D Models Online


For the 3D artists, 3D models are important tools for the job. These mathematical representations of three dimensional things are important tools that 3D artists use to portray the real world and for conceptualization of visuals for simulation, art, entertainment and drafting.


What Are 3D Models?

They are integral to a lot of industries including 3D printing, video games, virtual entertainment, TV and film, marketing, medical and scientific imaging, etc. As you can see, 3D models are extremely important for the 3D artist to be able to create the visual images and special effects for videos, computers, commercials, etc. that they are supposed to do.

But where do 3D artists get 3D models? You probably think they have to make it from scratch, right? Sometimes they do but there are places they can actually print 3D models they can readily use. There are places that they can be bought and there are also places where you can find free 3D models. The Web is actually a good place where you can find an amazing number of free 3D models.

Where to Download 3D Models

The question is where and how?Well, here’s a list of the best places to download free 3D models online. These are the best and the most popular websites to download free 3D models. Each has wide range selection, quality, printability and price. Check out these sites to see which one works for you and offers you just the perfect 3D models.


3D models from TurboSquid are being used by many professionals and institutions including game developers, visual effects studios, creative professionals, architects, news agencies and more, from all over the world. TurboSquid is a great place to download free 3D models as they are dedicated to save 3D artists from having to create a great model and only letting them add their personality to the readily available 3D models they have on their site.

3D Warehouse

Integrated with Google SketchUp, 3D Warehouse allows you to share, upload and download many free 3D models. But in order to download the free 3D models from 3D Warehouse, you will need a computer with Internet access. Along with that, you will also need software that’s compatible with the available 3D model you want to download. As long as you have these, you will be able to download lots of free 3D models online for use to your 3D modeling project.


This site is where you can find wide collection of superior quality 3D models which are updated every week. When you visit the site, here’s where you can find over a dozen file formats of 3D models. Some of the most common 3D model file formats you can find at the site include STL, .X, .O3D, SKP, .B3D and more. What’s more, you can easily download the files into your system and then send it to 3D printer so you’ll be ready to use it.

These three are the best places to download free 3D models for use in your project. You can get your file by simply visiting their site and there, you can download the 3D models you need for your project and be saved a lot of time than creating them from scratch.

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