A Day in The Life of 3D Artist


Ever heard of 3D artists? They are a new, special breed of professionals that a lot of people are wondering about. When you hear 3D artists, anybody’s curiosity would be picked since their job professions are not that familiar. Moreover, many 3D artists are freelancer and its perks just add to the curiosity and interest people have over 3D artists.


If you are one of those that are curious of what 3D artists do and what their typical day is like, you are just on the right page. Find out what 3D artists do and what a typical work day for them is like. After reading this article, you will have much better understanding on whether being a 3D artist is perfect for you.

What It Takes To Be a 3D Artist

3D artists, animators and multimedia artists, their job is to create special effects and visual images with the use of computers, videos, film as well as other media and electronic tools. They create these to be used on music videos, movies, computer games and commercials. If you like dealing with these, you might just be cut out to be a 3D artist.

If you are wondering if these 3D artists are satisfied with their job, you’ll love the fact that this job has high satisfaction rate. Also, many 3D artists claim that they find the job real meaningful and that it makes their life better. In addition, since it is possible to work at home and become a freelancer, a lot of people find this job really interesting.

The Typical Work Day of a 3D Artist

Being a freelancer 3D artist has a lot of benefits but it also has a fair share of drawbacks. It’s a wonderful thing to be free to do what you want when you want. But at the same time, you will have to deal of the dangers of missing deadlines, angry clients, non-payments and stacked workloads. These are some of the things that being a freelance 3D artist have to deal with in a day.

3D artists, especially freelancers, often don’t have a tight schedule for the day. But usually, the day starts with booting up all the gears and checking their inbox to see if there’s anything urgent that come up overnight. If there is, then it’s usually the first thing to do in the morning along with the less creative but vital tasks for the day.

Of course, it doesn’t always fit every 3D artist as everybody follows different rhythm. But this is how most of them do. Then after taking care of the tedious tasks, there follows the more creative aspect of the job. A lot of 3D artists say that when their working with a single project, they usually split the job into chunks as having variety keeps them creative, interested and motivated all day.

One thing that 3D artists like to take note is about sticking to the plan. While changing the tasks for the day is great for creativity and motivation, too much can be dangerous. If you don’t want to risk missing deadlines which leads to a whole lot of stress, it’s extremely important to have a plan and to stick to really stick to it.