Favorite 3D Models Resources For 2017 2018

3D Models Resources

If you are planning to have your model printed in 3D, it does not mean that you always need to start designing from a scratch. You will find many 3D models resources that you can use, both free and premium. There are favorite resources with varying quality, print-ability, cost, and selection.


1. TurboSquid

It is offering a dedicated resource for 3D objects. There are a lot of models that you can choose from, particularly printable jewelry designs. There are models that you can download for free, and there are some that you can get at affordable costs.

2. Cults 3D

This resource is offering the perfect range of 3D models to the users, ranging from professional and high quality designs up to the maker-inspired 3D files. Cults always checks all the 3D designs for printability and it is organizing them in various groups like art, gadgets, home, fashion, or architecture. The combination of a well-arranged database and modern visual interface, along with a focus on useful, smart, and beautiful designs makes browsing through their browser so much fun. While lots of models come for free, there are others that come at a very cost-effective rate.

3. 3DShook

This resource has similarity to Cults and Pinshape. However, what makes it unique tend to have more focus on fun 3D prints for the hobbyists. Several models are free and some may necessitate a payment. Nevertheless, 3DShook is offering a large range of design at a price that is very competitive.

4. 3D Warehouse

No matter if you are looking for scale models, architecture, or product design, this 3D models resource is offering anything that was made with the famous the 3D modeling software, SketchUp. You will also filter their database for 3D printable models choosing the Only Show Printable Models in their advanced search function. All of the other models can be printed by connecting with 3DPrintCloud.

5. 3DExport

It is a database that focuses on the visual aspects and offer excellent premium 3D models. It is also offering a filter to show only the 3D models.

6. Thingiverse

It is probably among the most popular and biggest favorite resources for 2017, as it has an active maker community behind it, offering STL files only that are free to use. There is even no need for you to open an account to be able to download a 3D printable model in this database. However, it seems less organized as compared to the simpler and cleaner design of resources like Cults and Pinshape.

7. Pinshape

It is offering an opportunity for the visitors to browse through a wide option of more than 13,000 STL files. Looking for a great 3D printable model on this website is a child’s play. Both the logical organization and visual representation are top-notch.

8. Sketchfab

This is a perfect 3D models resource for those who are interested in character designs, as well as people who are focusing on organic structures like sculptures, animals, and more.

Choose one of the favorite 3D models resources to help you in your 3D projects.