5 Proven 3D Modeling Techniques

3D Modeling Techniques

In popular games and movies, we love, 3d modelers created wonderful works in it for 3D modeling. In the industry of computer graphics, 3D creations are assets they have worked hard for. They have invested to it their time, effort and consideration. And one of the helpful things they have used are the techniques.


Here are 5 of those proven 3D modeling techniques for both the films and games.

1. Subdivision/Box Modelling

Box modeling is considered to be a modeling technique that is polygonal. Here. The artist will start with the geometric primitive and then he will refine the shape it has until he achieved the appearance he desired. This kind of technique is usually working in stages.

In polygonal modeling, this technique is the form can be considered as the most common one. They can be used to conjunct with another modeling technique, which is the:

2. Contour/Edge Modeling

This technique is another one in polygonal just like with box modeling. But the former one is very different from the latter. If with box modeling it starts with a shape that is primitive followed by refining, in this 3D modeling technique, the model would be built piece by another piece while putting polygonal faces’ loops. It should be along contours that are prominent. No gap between them should be left unfilled.

3. Digital Sculpting

There are some breakthroughs in the industry of technology that is called as disruptive technologies. Technological innovations are one of them as they are what the factor that changes how we view achieving some tasks. Digital sculpting is one of those disruptive technologies they talked about. It is because it helps the modelers in creating 3D models in a way similar with digital clay sculpting while it frees them from the constraints of edge flow and topology.

4. 3D Scanning

This 3D modeling technique is a method where objects from the real world are digitized. Here, photo-realism of high level is required. The object would be scanned and then analyzed. After analysis, the raw data they will get will be used to generate a polygonal or the NURB Mesh that is accurate. 3D scanning is usually used when there is a need of digital representation for the actor.

5. Procedural Modeling

Anything that is generated algorithmically, is what we refer as procedural when it comes to computer graphics. It is a great contrast to those manually created by the artist’s hand. In this 3D modeling technique, the objects or scenes will be createdbased on parameters or the rules defined by the user. Often, Organic constructs are where procedural modeling is used.

Wonderful 3D model works are not just made out of the blue. The 3d modelers or 3d artists made them wholeheartedly. To make the models as good as what we see them, they have learned to use and master at least one of these 3D modeling techniques. These techniques are what made it possible for them to create 3D models easier, faster and more beautiful. Through these techniques, we have 3D model works that many of us love