Tips and Tricks in Creating 3D Models

Tips and Tricks in Creating 3D Models

Creating 3D models requires a lot of time, effort and passion. Regardless of whether you are a new 3D modeler or you have been creating them for years already, you would surely encounter various challenges along the way. Nevertheless, with the help of the tips and tricks listed below, you would surely have an easier time doing it.

Don’t rush


Just like what was mentioned before, it would take you some time to finally create your own 3D models and rushing would not do you anything good. So, it would be best for you to provide yourself a sufficient amount of time for you project. After all, what you wanted to do is not as simple as it sounds. In addition to that, before you work on more complex modelling projects, make sure that you already have the skills for it for you not to be left feeling frustrated in the end.

Make use of the internet

Of course, you cannot expect that everything would go according to planned and that you would be able to make your model successfully on your own. There would come a time when you would be needing some help. So, if you don’t know someone who has already fully mastered the art of creating 3D models, then you can turn to online tutorials. After all, they were created to help people like you out in the first plan. In addition to online tutorials, forums are also there, where you can ask other people who are into 3D modelling for a possible solution to the problem you have encountered. These days, it is also possible for you to find manuals and guidelines online as well.

Plan your model and keep it simple

First of all, there is a need for you to visualize your model and the easiest way for you to do that is through sketching your ideas first in a piece of paper. Believe it or not, you can actually save more time and effort in doing this process. In addition to that, you should also keep your design simple as much as possible. This is very important, especially if you haven’t still gotten used of the tools that you are using. Also, the fewer tools you use, the better. As a matter of fact, it is possible for you to create 3D models using a clay brush, standard brush, DamStandard brush and the clay tubes brush. With the fact that creating models in 3D itself is quite complicated, there is no need for you to further complicate it

Make use of support

If in case you are planning to build 3D models containing elements with an angle that is more than 45°, then there is a need for you to make use of a support. That way, you are given an assurance that it would not collapse or fall apart while it is currently bring printed. So, despite it being difficult to remove, it would still be best for you to make use of them.