How 3D Models Have Changed The Healthcare Industry

3D Models Have Changed The Healthcare Industry

Before, 3D models are only used in gaming environments but now, even the healthcare industry have started taking advantage of it. There is indeed no denying in the fact that it is slowly starting to change the said industry. As a matter of fact, the need for such models is increasing in healthcare.

Through the help of 3D models, healthcare service providers are able to produce prosthetics at a lower cost. It also made it possible for them to be able to customize the prosthetic sockets with ease. Hence, more people these days are able to be provided with prosthetic limbs, etc. that are specifically created for them, ensuring a perfect fit.


It would also be safe to say that models that comes in 3D have been a great help in changing he lives of patients for the reason that it provides the healthcare providers with replicas of human body parts, systems and anatomical structures3 that they cannot only see but they can also touch. This allows them to be able to formulate better surgical planning, increasing the chances of the patient’s survival during the surgery.

Through 3D models, healthcare providers are provided with a better viewing of anatomical images that allows them to be able to provide a better and more accurate diagnosis, education and outcomes as well. In addition to that, it is also now being used in order to explain the situation of the patient to their families in a way that they can understand it clearly. In other words, it allows the experts to interact with the human anatomy in a way that they were not able to do so before.

Because of the way 3D models are revolutionizing the healthcare industry, it is often called as the expert’s helper and the things that helps them provide personalized medicine. To be more specific, with its availability, surgeons are able to reduce the time needed in performing the necessary operations and at the same time, they are able to lower the risk of complications or errors during the surgery. This has become possible for them as they can just simply convert the CT scan data into a 3D model that they can manipulate and study at the same time.

Due to the benefits and advantages that it offers to the healthcare experts, it is even predicted that in the next years to come, there is a possibility that 3D models would be a standard procedure for performing a wide variety of operations including in the spine, shoulder, hip, knee, jaw and even in the heart. It’s not only that for it also gives the patients more hope that there is still a solution to the health problem that they have as it removes various obstacles for them along the way. In addition to that, it also makes it possible for the patients to receive healthcare services at a more affordable cost. With the continuous advancement in 3D technology and models, we can expect a whole lot more from it in the future.