The Possible Impacts of Human Robot Emergence

Human Robot

It is really quite impossible to think if human robots can cross the line and be just like humans. If computer programmers, engineers and scientist create human robots there will surely be an impact to humanity. If robots, which are identical to humans star to emerge the understanding and value of human as perceived by the society will change and this issue will certainly be the subject of many arguments and debates.
Even so, there have been lots of researches conducted in lieu of creating human robots or humanoid robots. These innovative studies aim to pursue the development of human robot with physical and cognitive abilities. Ethical dilemmas have been apparent and individuals are divided in thoughts and opinions regarding this matter. Some may agree that human robot is the key towards innovative change and convenient lifestyle but there are still others who believe that robots should not act and live as humans do. Individuals can never expect a human robot to live by the same regulations and rules that human do.

It is also doubtful if these robots will gain the emotional capacity of human. However, engineers and scientists are now creating robots that display human-like physical attributes and characteristics and can adjust to different environment. Human robot with the ability to communicate and understand verbally and non-verbally are now being discreetly studied and created. There is a human robot created in South Korea with the ability to express series of emotions like sorrow, anger, joy and happiness however some individuals claim that expressing human emotion is not a guarantee that human robot will act, liven and response like humans.
Experts even say that humans can express their feelings instantly and hide their feelings if they want to but in the case of robots, many would agree that they can never take control of their emotions. These robots remain to be machines that are products of the brilliant and intelligent minds of humans.

Unlike humans, robots will find it hard to deal with complex social interactions. The reason behind this is that robots lack experiences. It is true that humans learn social interactions and cues from their previous experiences. It is undeniable that human robot can learn phrases and words used by humans during usual conversations but their learning might be limited.
Despite the never ending debates and arguments regarding humans and human robots, it cannot be denied that their emergence carries several advantages. Human robot are shaped and built resembling human body therefore making it beneficial for experimental purpose. Human robot can be ideal tool when studying locomotion, facial features and more.
Another advantage of human robot is its ability to do things that human cannot do. Since robots are programmed, these machines are expected to work and function with less mistakes. Robots can work round the clock even without salary or food. They can facilitate tasks faster and more accurate and consistent than humans. Looking on this aspect, it is just fair to say that there might really be valid reasons why experts are devoting great deal of time and effort in creating human robot.