Advance and Efficient Concept Trucks

Concept Truck

Truck is one of the important types of vehicle that is useful in many ways especially in importing goods or any kinds of materials. Usually, trucks vary in sizes. That is why they are really appropriate in transferring furniture, commercial products, and any kind of heavy equipment. Trucks are of different styles and designs depending on the type of products or materials that it can able to carry. Because of its usefulness, many people create different concepts that can help improve the quality and efficiency of a truck. Nowadays, there are many truck inventions that are simply world class and one of those is the concept truck. What makes this truck simply different from any other types of trucks is that it is high quality ad has an extremely beautiful design.

Concept dragon truck is one of the famous types of trucks that is made by 3D Horse. The design of it was just like that of a dragon and that what makes it so amazing. Concept truck is made of high quality equipments. Its concept is made 3d design with a semi interior. This truck can be purchased with or without the trailer that is why it is really amazing. This kind of truck is one of those that are used in action films because of 3d designs. That is why it is really appropriate in any kinds of movies.

Different concepts of trucks:


Semi truck with trailer- it has 18 wheels and has 453,000 polygons. It is made from high quality materials and was created in 3ds Max7.
Semi truck with flatbed trailer- it has 18 wheeler flatbed drop deck and was created in 3d Max7, it has 501000 polygons.
Peterbilt 379 Semi truck- it is 18 wheeler vehicle cargos which has heavy duty equipments. It was created in 3d Max 2008.
Volvo Vision 2020 car truck- it has futuristic sci-fi design which has a realistic 3d model max.

These are just some of the concept trucks that are newly invented for the better and efficient use of trucks. The concept that is applied in these trucks are new concepts which is based on 3d, the equipment that are used are truly high quality ones which truly make it different from the rest. Its design is made so that it can carry different heavy equipments. Its concept is not just like the actual type of truck that you are able to see every day.

With its futuristic 3d design that is why it is really became popular, because of that people will have less difficulty when it comes to transporting of things. Because it is truly high class, everyone can assure its safeties and at the same time the great help that it will bring to people. These newest concept was made with the purpose of giving high quality services to its user’s and the same time fuel efficient. With its bigger and spacious design that it made possible to ship more goods using fewer trucks, with it, you can also assure that the shipment can be done in an easy and fastest way.