Questions about 3D Models

Questions about 3D Models

3D models is a new technology that many people are interested to know about. And with that, they have many questions about 3D models as well. Here are some of the frequently asked questions with regard to this model.

1. What programs can be used to create some models for the Unity3D? How would the said model work? What would be the file format?

Blender is probably the best program for free 3D model. Learning it may be tricky but any tutorials and some other resources are found on their site.
Thee file format of the Blender is .blend. The thing you will do is simple. You will just drag the .blend file to your project and it would be ready. The texture image though is an exception as it need to be re-applied to your model. But that too is simple.

2. What is 3D printing?

3D printing is process of prototyping. This makes creation of actual objects from 3D files possible. Successively applying layers of the solid materials is the way to form the object.

3. What software should I use if I am a beginner in the 3D model design?

There is the Google Ketchup from Google that will allow you to design whatever you want in 3D. Wings 3D, Sculptris, Make Human, GLC Player and Blender are also available.

4. What machines are used to create objects in 3D?

Formiga P1xx and Formiga P3xx. They are bot made by Eos. ZPrinter 650 from ZCorp is another one and the Object 3D Printer.

5. How thick is the layer of the materials used in 3D printer?

The thickness of the layers is less than 0.1 mm (0.004 in). They are very fine material but they are also perceptible to our naked eyes.

6. Why is there a need to fix for some designs before they are made?

The most common and possible reason is that the design does not represent any solid object unambiguously. Another reason could be the fact that there may be parts that are too thin for synthesizing.

7. Where can we get 3D files that are designed already?

You can visit the following sites: Turbosquid, Sculpteo, CGTrader, 123D Autodesk, Google 3D Warehouse, and 3D Via.

8. For the textures in the zip file, what are the formats that are accepted?

The formats they accept are:xbm, pcx, wmf, ico, tga, xpm, tiff, bmp, png, gif and jpg.

9. From Autocad, how are 3D files exported?

For this software, the recommended format for exporting is .stl.
Here is the procedure;
• Make sure that you are in the mode of 3D model.
• At the top of your main window, click the tab for ‘Exit’.
• Then find the button ‘Send to 3D print service’ and click it.
• Click ‘Continue’button.
• Select then the solids for exporting, thenyou can now press ‘Enter’.
• Before you print, check preview then click ‘OK’ button.
• There would be a dialogue box to appear where you can save your file as .stl format.

10. How are 3D text created?

Click the tab ‘Create Text’, then the ‘Create text in 3D ’.