10 Creative Ways You Can Improve Your 3D Modeling Skills

10 Creative Ways to Improve 3D Modeling Skills

If you love to do 3D models but seems to be not so good to it, do not despair. Maybe there is just something off. There is still room for improvement for your 3D modeling skills. Here are 10 creative ways that will help you in improving your 3D modeling skills.

1. Carefully study anatomy

To get a clear idea of what you would be creating, it would be helpful if you can learn the muscles and bones that affect the forms on the surface. As you create your topology, this learning will inform you of your decisions.

2. The use of squads

As much as possible, make use of the squads. For your 3D models, you might use the triangle that is odd in shape. You should not be using Ngons though. Quads are known for a predictable subdivide. When skinning, they are also easier to envelop and they give better result during the process of texturing.

3. In creating interesting shapes and some curves, use the text tool

In front of the simple primitives of NURBS, you can place the curves. Then you can project them on one or more of those primitives in a variety of angles. Whenever you need to duplicate the curves of the surface, these curves can be used as the trim edges. It also lifts some new surfaces in the curves and in between.

4. Leave your camera at Orthographic view

For your 3D models, your camera must be left at a focal length that is the standard. You can try to use cameras that are perspective and where the focal length is appropriate. In a photo, there is a perspective present, which you lose when you model in Orthographic view.

5. Cut your models in smaller parts for complicated designs

With this, you can maximize the details plus the poly counts are minimize. It would be good to remember that tools in Boolean are helpful to make the creation of complex models a lot easier.

6. Use the Command in Animate Menu known as Animation Snapshot

If along the path of your 3D models, you intend to use repetitive shape, this way will be a good way to accomplish it. The function of Animation Snapshot is to duplicate your model on every other frame.

7. Use texture to the geometry tool for getting a base mesh

If you do this, it will be quicker.

8. For your deformation, you should prepare

If a model has an excellent topology, the good deformation will be reliant on it completely.

9. Adjust your overall structure and shape

This is very important at the stage of coarse modeling. At this stage, it is important that you get the muscle anatomy correctly.

10. In your shading options, turn on the Backface Culling

This way, your viewport will speed up.

3D models are not easy to do and having a hard time doing it is just normal. If you are not contented with your output as of now, these ways will help you in improving your work.