How to Become a 3D Modeler

How to Become a 3D Modeler

With the technological revolution and growing importance of special effects in many different areas of entertainment, 3D modelling has become a desired specialty. 3D modelling mixes state-of-the-art technology with artistic talent.

3D modelers create models for animations, movies, video games and scientific research. It is a very broad field and it is used nowadays in many different areas. These professionals are better known for their work in movies. They create the digital characters and bring them to life in 3 dimensions. It is also an essential job for the video game industry.

3D modelers can also help with doing simulations and creating environments for scientific research. Geology, architecture and many engineering areas use the work of the modelers constantly. Marketing and advertising is another fertile area for the work of a 3D modeler.

3D Modeling

For anyone to become a professional 3D modeler, that person must study a lot. 3D modelers must be very advanced in math and computer skills in general. Depending in what field you want to work on, a specialization might be required.

For those that want to follow a more artistic area, creativity is very important. When creating characters and scenarios for movies, animations or videogame, you must have a heightened sense of esthetics. Your design skills must be great too. It may be better to do a gaming design course.

If you are interested in working in a more scientific area, then a solid background in that area will be a good advantage. There are many different courses inside the 3D modelling area, and you can choose one to specialize.

Generalize First

Before choosing your specific area, try to work in different ones. By working in different fields of 3D modelling, you will get a lot of experience that will help you with the field you choose later.

When you are a beginner, inexperienced modeler, it is hard to get in the market. If you want to start by focusing only on the area you want, there will be a lot more competition. That competition probably will be more experienced than you.

If you choose to work in different areas, there will be more work available. By working more, you get experience and create a bigger portfolio. In addition, you can make yourself a name in the market. After that, you can think about specializing on your chosen area.

You will already have a reputation and a good portfolio. That will help a lot in getting good jobs.


To get jobs in 3D modeling, a portfolio is of the utmost importance. The 3D modeling industry is about the looks and the result. You get hired for what you can do. So you need to show others what you are capable of doing. Hence the portfolio.

Some jobs will require a big and diverse portfolio, which means a lot of experience. Others will just be satisfied with you showing talent and motivation. Either way, you need something to show.


Another factor that has a lot of weight is experience. Big jobs usually go for experienced 3d modelers. That can be hard on newcomers. If most jobs require experience, how do you get a job to be able to get experience?

Internship is a great solution. Do not expect to get money from your internship. Many times, you will have to work for free. However, with internship you will be able to get in big and famous studios.

Putting that reference on your resume is priceless. You can also learn a lot from the professionals working there.

Another solution is to enter a studio or big company by working in another area. Once you are in, you can try to seize opportunities to be noticed and get a job in your specialty. This way sure is harder and less popular, but it can work.

Working as freelancer is a great way to get experience. You will have to work a lot and for little money, but you can make a reputation and gain a lot of experience.

Advanced Education

As a 3D modeler, it is important never to stop learning. Technology is always changing and getting better and so should people that work with it. 3D modeling is a very diverse field and it demands the professionals to have a varied field of knowledge.

The more things you know, the more you will be able to work. First of all, know everything that is to know about the software you need for working. You have to be the master of it and have no doubts about its use and what it can do.

Know as much as you can about the industry you want to work in. By knowing that, you will know what to expect from your clients and what they want of your work.

Never stop learning.

Live the Dream

The 3D modeling industry is very demanding. You have to be good and serious about it so you can be successful. The good news are that the industry is growing and needs more and more 3D modelers every year that goes by.

Having the proper education and being motivated is the first step of being successful. The other part of it is getting the experience that you need for the great jobs. Following those steps will transform you into a professional 3D modeler.