Best Resources to Learn 3DS Max

Best resources to learn 3ds Max

The graphic design technology is at its peak right now. Graphic designers have come up with unique and attractive masterpieces thanks to the wonderful software that they utilize. 3ds Max is popular software which has been designed to provide solutions in visualization, animation, rendering, and 3d modeling. It has gained great designer attraction during the recent past and people who work in the creative industry are willing to acquire knowledge of the software. The Internet is the ultimate master of tutorials. It offers solutions from A-Z and contains billions of useful resources and tutorials to assist the users out there.

The Internet provides many resource solutions for people who are planning to learn and master the art of 3ds Max. Too much of information could leave the leaner in confusion. So, it I best to filter out the best resources and acquire the necessary knowledge to master the art of 3ds Max. Describes below are the best 3ds learning resources available on the internet today.

3D world Wid

The 3d world provides unique learning solutions to the internet users out there. It should be noted that this particular site is filled with useful tutorials, news, and examples on the functioning capability of 3ds Max. This site allows you to witness the latest creative projects developed by professionals and students. You only have to type the name of the software (3ds Max) that you wish to search and they will do the magic for you.


This useful training site is loaded with 24 excellent tutorials which have been developed by best professionals and experts in the business. You could pick from a range of 90 minutes to 15 hours, and it is very likely that you will come to the part that your heart is demanding for. You could enjoy the one week free trial period offered by the site, prior to joining as a member to access the resources. You will find the price tag worthy once you subscribe to the site for high-quality information on 3ds Max.


Pluralsight is a smart learning solution provider for 3ds Max. It helps you acquire knowledge from the very bottom till the expert level. It should be noted that this site helps you gain knowledge on FX, rendering, animations and much more. The site also features news articles, resources, models, textures, and reference material. This is all what a 3ds Max leaner needs.

CG Arena

This site is a happy hunting ground for most of the CG artists. This wonderful site features valuable information on MAYA, ZBrush tutorials, news, 3ds Max, portfolio services and much more. It also features an active online CG store which is functioning 24/7. This site has a dedicated zone for 3ds Max. These tutorials will help you get a good grip and a hang of the software.


This is a popular informational site among tech users, bloggers, and modern designers. This site features a wide array of useful information in the form of tools, tips, tutorials, and classic artworks. This site is the ideal learning solution for beginners who are getting familiar with 3ds Max. This site features a wonderful article carrying 90 tutorials on 3ds Max.

3D Total

It should be noted that 3D Total carries the biggest collection of tutorials covering the areas of 3D, animation, VFX, and CG. The 3ds Max section is the best among the rest. It takes a steady and systemic approach to teaching how to work with 3ds Max. This is why the trainees and beginners find this site useful. It starts is tutorial right from the bottom and goes on to explain the most advanced techniques included in 3ds Max. The library features a section of free articles too.


This is yet another site which carries a massive collection of extensive 3ds Max training tutorials. The layout of this site is pretty different compared to other similar sites. The user has the option to either get it delivered to their doorstep or to purchase the DVD direct from the site. The most basic package is priced at $ 10 per pack the most advanced material is priced at $ 80. Flexibility is at its best when you surf this site looking for information on 3ds Max.


This is a different concept which facilitates the online learning process. It should be noted that AREA is a visualization and digital entertainment based community run by the developers involved with Autodesk and 3ds Max. This website features a set of free tutorials which have specifically been designed to address the problems related to 3ds Max. The most significant feature of this website is that the developers have included a tips and forum section to get in touch with the online learners. This section opens up great opportunities for online 3ds Max users to fast learn about the software while loosening out the practical implications.

CG Tuts+

CG Tuts+ is an all-inclusive website which features a massive collection of tutorial related to almost all the 3d software available in the market including 3ds Max. This site is being updated on a weekly basis and the developers’ pumps out tutorials on regular intervals for the convenience of the millions of online users all over the world. This page offers unique solutions for users who are willing to sharpen their graphic designing skills while touching in-depth lesson through complicated tutorials.

High End 3D

This is the ideal place to access free yet brilliant tutorials on 3ds Max. This website is loaded with creative content and they have dedicated a separate section for 3ds training. You may find it easier to navigate through the home page as it involves a user-friendly layout. You could filter out best of the tutorials in your favorite language depending on your skill level. It should be noted that these tutorials have been rated by previous users and it makes things easier for new users as it could provide a remark on the most effective tutorials.