Do Video Games Need Multiplayer Mode?

Video Games

Many games of today’s generation already have a multiplayer mode, just like the recent announcement concerning the Ascension installment of the God of War series. Does introduction of the multiplayer mode in any video game a necessity or it will only jeopardize the reputation of its single player predecessor?
Before, multiplayer mode is very rare in video games and the most common is the cooperative mode. But with the inception of Halo and Xbox Live, multiplayer mode seemed to be the key for the success and the longevity of the game. Even shooter games in the first person genre have multiplayer mode, whether good or not for the game, they have it.
Sport games are the first to adapt the multiplayer, followed by the fighting games and now those action-adventures are also joining the rush. Many gamers enjoy multiplayer mode, but it has to be good. Sometimes, it might cross to your mind that it was just an additional feature to the game.

The inclination that an accomplished single player game will have the longevity once multiplayer is introduced to it is not actually true. Bear in mind that multiplayer will die once gamers stop playing the game and when they do not search for any matches. Compared to single player games with strong followers, experience never dies and its survival will be great.
But Demon Souls is an exception to this rule as it has created a multiplayer mode experience which felt single as well as multi for gamers to enjoy. This game parades a hybrid single and multiplayer experience which has the ability to stand alone.
When the God of War Ascension was announced that it will have its multiplayer mode, many players got skeptical whether all the elements that make this single player game are applicable to the announced version.

The Most Impressive Armors in Video Games
If you are a passionate fan of video games especially of the third person genre, you probably became one due to the fascinating and impressive armor sets that the characters wear. You are probably looking at it every time you set your hand on the controls and play your character and it never stops to fascinate you. A good set of armor protects your character and makes it almost invincible. Below are some of the most impressive and great armors that the games provide for your visual satisfaction.
Scorpion Suit in Dead Space
This suit is the creepiest in all the Dead Space armors that you will encounter. It is much better compared to the Military Suit as it provides you with 25% resistance to damage.
ARS Suit in Vanquish
The ARS Suit was designed as well as created by Sam Gideon. Every time he fits himself into the suit, Sam becomes a super soldier. It has the ability to regenerate when damaged and is very light. It has a built-in computer system which is connected to his brain, making him an accurate shooter without recoil.
Armor of Altair in Assassin’s Creed 2
Among all the armors of Ezio, this armor is the most excellent, but hard to get as you have to acquire all the six seals of the assassin through the completion of side quests. You need to explore and pillage the ancient tombs of the assassins all over Italy.