3D Graphics For Vans

3D Graphics

Nowadays, you will notice that there are many automobiles with graphics on them and the numbers are continuously rising. These car 3D graphics are not for decoration, but is it more for marketing of businesses, products and services. Big companies are not the only one that promotes using their vehicles. Even the owners of small businesses and self-employed individuals such as handymen, lawyers and other professions already recognize the benefits of having these graphics on their cars.

But first, what is vehicle wrap? It is a process of covering a vehicle using some graphics which is usually a digitally printed advertisement. The process of wrapping essentially transforms the vehicle to a traveling billboard. The custom graphics are printed on a big sheet of vinyl and meticulously applied on the vehicle using squeegee and hot air handgun. Aside from the public transport like taxis and buses, vans are also the most common vehicles used for this kind of advertising.
3D graphics is a very effective method to make people remember a specific brand name. Motorists and commuters are constantly looking for potential hazards and other vehicles when they are on the road. In addition, they observe plenty of things around them more than they realize. In other words, if the people are frequently seeing a particular advertisement on the 3D graphics, they will more likely remember that advertisement when they need that service or product.


The Advantages of 3D graphics
Putting graphics on all vans owned by your company is a very nice idea. The 3D graphics should contain the company’s name, logo and contact numbers to maximize the benefits. It is a great way to improve the presence of your company within the area. People can easily notice the graphics every time they are driving, stuck in heavy traffic or while walking in the streets. 3D graphics should have an eye-catching logo because it can help the people retain the company in their mind for a longer time. This means that it is more likely effective since people will notice the advertisement more than in newspapers or magazines.
3D graphics also provides higher visibility since the vehicle is constantly moving and can reach hundreds to thousands of individuals daily. Once the graphics are created on the vans, they are visible all the time and in all places whether in parking lots, roads, restaurants, schools and many more. In addition, since 3D graphics makes the vehicle simply recognizable, it lessens the risk of theft and hijacking.

Advertising through 3D graphics is a new method of marketing. It makes the ads stand out from the rest compared to other methods. For instance, advertising in newspaper or magazines will make it difficult for the product or service to stand out since other companies do it as well. After some time, readers become resistant to the advertisements and usually just blend with the pages that make them ineffective. However, with 3D graphics, the concept is relatively new. Ads will definitely stand out from the rest and it will be easier for the people to remember one big advertisement than the ad seen on papers for 10 minutes.