Beginners Guide to Learning 3D Computer Graphics

 Beginners Guide to Learning 3D Computer Graphics

Do you feel that you possess a strong flair in developing stunning 3D animations and visual effects? Then this guide would assist you in providing a brief overview about the fundamentals of 3D Computer Graphics.  Irrespective of the niche you have chosen, it is imperative to get familiar with basics of 3D during the initial stages. Today, there are multitude of tutorials and free animation courses available via online such as You Tube. It is very helpful for a novice to learn and perceive the innovations in the field of animation industry.

Getting started

Gone are those days when a person who is yearning to learn 3D computer graphics are forced to attend an offline computer courses that involves a hefty fee. Today, there is no dearth of animation software’s. It is quite simple to get started by simply logging into a site and download software that is supplied at throwaway price. An individual do not require previous experience or skills to create simple and cool 2D animation. It could be one of the excellent ways to tap their innate capacity to develop their skills.

Majority of the 3D animation software’s are user-friendly and cheap. According to experts, software’s like Animate CC and Toon Boon Harmony might be a good option for a novice to learn the basics of 3D animation.  The former one offer a free trial month where you do not have to spend a penny. However, the latter appears to be a bit expensive depending upon the type of package opted. The good news is that this one too provide a free trial.

Animate CC:-

Animate CC, which was previously known by the name 'Flash', is deemed as a favorite amongst the You Tube creators. It is less intimidating software where you can quickly develop cool animations. Animate CC is one of the preferred choices to create animations exclusively for You Tube Channel. Furthermore, 2D frame-by-frame animation can also be created for commercial purposes.

Toon Boon Harmony

Toon Boon Harmony is professionalsoftware, which was launched exclusively for the professionals. It is a cool software where you can execute multiple tasks in the field of 2D animation industry.

After Effects

It is widely used for developing character animation. After Effects features rigging, lip sync and a range of cameras to develop a high-level depth.

TV Paint

TV Paint is a 2D digital animation software that incorporates old-fashioned hand-drawn animation.

Type of Hardware


For optimum 3D animation developing experience, consider installing a super computer that is capable of running software's like Animate CC and Toon Boom.

Tablet PC:-

Intuos Pro could be one of the best tablet PC's for a novice despite its price.

Types of books

Unlike other animation books, 'The Animator's Survival Kit' written by Richard Williams describes the art of creating character animation, overlapping, lip sync, weight and dialogue as well. It is one of the recommended books for a beginner.

Another popular animation tutorial book is the 'Cartoon Animation' by Preston Blair. Its official launch was back in the year 1994. This book is a reference material that helps you to develop dynamic and vibrant cartoon effects, dialogues and action.

Beginners Guide to Learning 3D Computer Graphics

The 3D computer graphics are broadly classified into three key aspects namely 'Modeling', 'Layout and Animation', 'Rendering'.


The art of developing a shape is termed as 'Modeling'. It is normally performed by professional artists and game developers to scan life-like objects.

Layout and Animation:-

Each object created should be placed in an appropriate position in each frame. They need to correspond with the movement.


The process of rendering involves conversion of a designated wireframe to a 2D image that contains a 3D styled image.

Some of the most frequently and popular 3D computer graphics software used to create animations are as follows:

  1. Autodesk 3Ds Max:-

Auto Desk 3Ds Max is one of the sought after tools in the realm of 3D animation. It had a played a pivotal role in the development of Hollywood's blockbuster epic science fiction movie named 'Avatar'. Auto Desk 3Ds Max is user friendly software which can be harnessed in multiple platforms.

  1. Blender:-

Blender is a comprehensive 3D graphics software that describes about the core aspects of creation of 3D computer graphics.

  1. Google Sketch Up:-

It is a 3D animation tool that has default settings and tools for Google Earth modeling. This software has emerged as a favorite tool since it is available in free and paid versions.

  1. Autodesk Maya:-

Auto Desk Maya is one the favorites of 3D gaming artists owing to its customizing options. It also enables third party extensions that changes overall appearance of software.

  1. Pixo Logic ZBrush:-

Ever since its launch in 1999, it has been widely used in applications like jewelry design and game development.

  1. Maxon Cinema 4D:-

Maxon Cinema 4D features a 'hair tool' that allows the users to develop life-life objects like fur and hair without hassles.

  1. City Engine:-

One of the major purposes behind using City Engine is to design 3D urban environment. It is one of the common software tools harnessed by professional artists and game developers.

  1. E-on Vue:-

E-on Vue is a 3D scenery generator that normally arrives in six multifarious versions. It is one of the popular soft wares used to create life-life environments.

  1. Inivis AC3D:-

Inivis AC3D is yet another cool 3D computer graphics package that was launched in 1994.

  1. Aladdin 4D:-

Aladdin 4D is a 3D computer graphics package that is compatible on platforms like Apple I Pad.

Beginners Guide to Learning 3D Computer Graphics

So hope you have got a basic idea about latest software tools available in the market to develop cool and stunning 3D computer animations. However, purchasing one does not necessarily make you an expert. There are certain key aspects to be considered like price, type of software package that suits you the most etc. Therefore, it is better to start-off with a free 30 day trial.