3ds Max 2019 Overview

3dsMax 2019 Overview

3ds Max is a product of Autodesk Media and Entertainment. It is popular in the design and modeling industry renowned for making games, models, images, and 3D animations. The product is commonly used by video game developers as well as for TV commercial studios. 3ds Max is among other computer software that came in market after the launch of 3-D animation. Traditionally, animation was created by hands and other manual techniques to create an impression of motion and views that excite viewers. The objective of animation is to pass a message in the simplest and interesting way possible. When a commercial or image excites a viewer, content become easily memorable thus achieving the marketing objective.

3ds Max offers numerous solutions for animators and experts in design and modeling. It is not only efficient in completing projects but also comes with additional tools that help with editing and improving the visual element of the images. The advancement of models and images, which are key components in animation, might be confused with normal videos. However, there are significant differences between animations with motion and normal video formats. In fact, they intend to achieve different purposes in business.

Market Needs

Modeling and design consumes time thus the need for computer software like 3ds Max that help in increasing your efficiency. Irrespective of your level of expertise and experience in modeling and design, you are bound to spend a lot of time on one project if you use the traditional methods as compared to an intermediate designer using 3ds Max. The increasing popularity of images, designs and models in different business fields has necessitated enhancements in most of the existing software. Animators and designers not only need speed but also quality in their models.

Besides corporate clients in a continuously competitive market need unique products that targeted customers can identify and relate with the company. It is a challenge for professionals in the modeling and design industry. The need for enhancement is not only noticed and pressured on the designers but also on the software manufacturers. Manufacturers like Autodesk Image and Entertainment have a role to ensure they provide designers and animators with relevant tools that address needs in the market.

Since the launch of 3ds Max a few years ago, the manufacturer has introduced new components in the system to enhance its effectiveness and efficiency to designers. There exists several versions of 3ds Max, which have different capabilities and components for animators, designers, and professionals in modeling. 3ds Max 2019 is the latest release by the manufacturer. The updated version includes incredible components and functions that ease and enhance your models as a designer. Besides, tight deadlines are no longer a worry for you because the software reduces the number of selections and axes.


3ds Max 2019 is focused on simplifying user interface and increasing speed used in modeling and design. There are incredible features that you don’t want to miss. If you haven’t checked this latest product from Autodesk Image and Entertainment, you are left behind. The 3ds Max Plugin developer system deserves a shout for exemplary support and effort in improving usability of the product. Autodesk image and entertainment has a group of enthusiasts in modeling dubbed as 3ds Max team, which is an online interaction platform for developers and users to help each other in case of queries on software components.

Besides, the 3ds Max team constantly releases updates and enhancements on the online platform thus keeping developers up to date. The impact trickles down to clients in the corporate world who get a feel of quality image sand animation products from their designers. As it is with any branch of technology, users have to keep on updating their skills to not only match needs in the market but also remain relevant. When a manufacturer launches a new product, you have to be up and running to explore the features and familiarize with the technology. 3ds Max 2019 is a new release that as a designer or animator, you should be familiar with.

New Features

One of the most interesting elements in 3ds Max 2019 is Open Shading Language (OSL). For the first time, the software supports OSL, which works with the over one hundred shaders. The software includes all shaders including procedural textures as well as math nodes.

Besides, the software allows you to create textures of wood material made possible with integration of products from Fusion 360. You can customize any form of model to match clients’ needs. The wood aspect is the best thing about this feature. It gives your model or designs exemplary and natural look.

Additionally, the user interface can be customized to match with your preference. You can change colors and lighting to fit your working conditions hence increase efficiency and effectiveness of your projects. The user also has full control over the folder structure in the sense that you can create empty projects. This is crucial when finalizing on your models.

Previous versions do not have the capability of allowing you to attach string-based metadata. This version allows you to attach it to a 3ds Max scene file without having to embed it on 3ds Max. besides, Uvs, material IDs and layer names are no longer necessary when sharing alembic data between most of the 3d tools and 3ds Max.