Boeing C-17 Globemaster III Model

$159.00 $79.00

Completely detailed and textured 3d model of C-17 Globemaster III
Primarily made in Autodesk 3ds max
The level of detail is suitable for the most extreme close-up renderings
Added 4096 x 4096 pixels Photoshop PSD UV-texture with layers to change colors, texts etc...
The 3ds max file contains also Vray and regular materials scenes.
Previews rendered in 3ds Max making use of V-Ray render.
Polygons: 121,955
Vertices: 128,141
Textures: Yes
Materials: Yes
Rigged: No
Animated: No
3ds Max

During the earliest time, there is no technology that makes 3D modeling possible but now, the world is surrounded by modern gadgets and advanced applications and techniques that aid in building or creating contemporary and highly innovated three dimensional models. These models can represent buildings, landscapes, vehicles, and aircrafts. The C-17 3d model is just one of the countless models ever created that caught the attention of artists, 3D model lovers and enthusiasts and all other interested individuals.

The C-17 3d model represents a large military aircraft that was originally developed for USAF or United States Air Force. This aircraft carries the name of two previous cargo military aircraft; the Douglas C-124 and Douglas C-74 GlobeMaster II. The C-17 3d model is carefully modeled in order to give clear and impressive representation of the USAF aircraft. All the original details and angles are adopted to make this model more realistic.

The military aircraft of the US Air force is now fully represented through C-17 3d model. The original aircraft typically performs airlift missions, transporting cargo and troops and all other functions like airdrop duties, medical evacuation and tactical airlift. The C-17 is also known as a four-engine, T-tailed and high wing transport aircraft used by the US military. Aside from the usual functions, this aircraft is also used for transporting large and heavy equipment and supplies to harsh terrains, airfields, and other locations during day and night.

When you take a look at the C-17 3d model, you will notice that this is a massive, sturdy and long transport aircraft that can tackle different loads, destinations and distance. You can appreciate these 3D models more if you know some of their features, functions and a little bit of their history. Many individuals are impressed about the excellent craftsmanship of the C-17 3d model because this model looks fantastic and real. You can easily distinguish the angles and parts allowing you experience as if you are looking to the real aircraft.

It cannot be denied that 3D models including the C-17 3d model are useful in many ways. These models provide key benefits to different industries. Some of the top benefits of 3D models include interactive analysis, simplicity, integration, automation and many more. Before one can come up with the best three dimensional models, effective planning system is required. The design process must be highly efficient so that you will come up with amazing and realistic models. For artists and designers of C-17 3d model, giving justice to real model is something that really matters.