Cartoon Teacher 3D Model

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3d model of rigged cartoon teacher character
Model is setup with Biped system, Skin and Morpher modifiers
Polygons: 8,000
Vertices: 8,100
Textures: No
Materials: Yes
Rigged: Yes
Animated: No
3ds Max

With the surprising technological development of today, almost everything can be made possible. Now, you get the chance to design and create different character representations of anyone you would wish to. It is made possible with the introduction of 3D technology.
3D cartoon animation has managed to be one of the highly endorsed technologies in the computer age of today. It is the form of graphical imaging that has taken over the existence of scale model puppets, drawings and 2D technology, which were popularly recognized as the “stop motion” animation.
There are a lot of possibilities and creativity explored in the 3D animation field. For a creator, it is probably the most exciting and most challenging field at the same time. The competitive environment of today’s industry encourages people to apply the latest technology within the field, allowing 3D animation to be one of them. The use of 3D technology has a number of advantages. One of them could be retention of visitors.

With a 3D animation on a website, it gets to grab the attention of a visitor for a longer period of time. Hence, they could be converted easily into a potential customer. Having a 3D animation may leave a lasting impression in the minds of the website users. As compared to even 2D images, 3D images are likely to be more remembered. It is true that you get an additional advantage if you use a character animation or cartoon animation in your ad campaigns.
Just about every industry has the chance to take advantage from using these 3D animation technologies. These industries include different forms of businesses, industrial, architectural, construction, and even education. Yes, now you can use a 3D character to promote your purpose in the industry. For instance, you are a teacher and wishes to promote your skills at teaching and any other related services, using a 3D character with the image of a teacher can be a wise strategy.

If this is what you require, considering the availability of the ready-made Cartoon Teacher 3D Model must be a good option. With the use of this 3D model, you will no longer have to hire a professional to design and create the character you need. This also saves you from waiting for quite some time for the finished output. The product is a 3D model of rigged cartoon teacher character, which people in the related industry can use to make an efficient and interesting advertisement especially teachers.
This 3D model is setup using the highly advanced Biped system, Skin and Morpher modifiers. So, you can guarantee that this 3D character is of great quality. The model holds 8,000 polygons and 8,100 vertices. It does not have texture, but it has materials and also rigged. The 3D cartoon is also not animated, yet it could be efficient to be used on websites, ads or any other purpose you’d like to. The available format of the model is 3ds Max.
Using this appealing 3D model of cartoon teacher character is ideal for the ones who wish to promote their skills, particularly teachers.

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