What Everybody Ought to Know About Lion Skeleton


Some says forget the past and just live at your present. If this will always be the notion, does it mean you will also ignore what you have been through in the past years and just be mindful of what you are today? History took a large part in the process of discovery and research. Fossils such as human and animal skeleton are one of the examples of relating the past to its present.

Study of human skeleton is a common thing that you usually heard in televisions or newspapers. Your knowledge about other creatures aside from humans, the animals are limited. Take the lion skeleton for example. You are aware of the where are some of the human skeletons are found but how about the lion skeleton?

One of the species of lionwas found and first illustrated in a certain cave in Southern Germany. This is classified as a cave lion. It is a big male having a particular type of skull with an extreme bite mark component. After this significant discovery happened 200 years ago, another remnant of lion skeleton has been discovered. This another Pleistocene lion became popular like the cave lion skeletons. One of the two skeletons, particularly the first one was exhibited in a museum. The two skeleton remains were compiled in a certain stone gallery located in the same cave. The remnants like any other evidences of the past, undergone a certain process to critically analysed it.

Further excavations have been made to discover more remains. As a result, two more lion skeletons have been found. He first has an extreme condition on its lower jaw. The other one was described as quite complete.

Several lion skeleton remains have been reported prior to this discovery. In the Czech Republic, lion remains were also discovered. One of them consists of the single bone and another is a bone having single cub has been published. About 35 years later, the most complete recognized lion skeleton in the part of Europe had been illustrated recently. The said site approximately yielded up to 1500 remains of bones different animals such as lion. From the open air sites of the LatePleistocene, the lion remnants have been widely reported from different localities.

Human evolutions are the most typical topic or issue that disturbs several people. The issue on how a person like you reaches or becomes who you are today will also be similar on how animals become what they are in the present. The changes happened in human species will also be experienced by those creatures.

What you’ve been through will always have a great impact on what you are today. The past and present has its evident ties. The discoveries and facts that you know this days are product of the studies of past occurrence or remnants. Skeletons are one of the bases in finding the truth, clarifying the dim ideas and proving the formed theories.As the earth evolves, human diversity and animal species undergoes several changes. The evidences of the changes will now be part of the past, the history.