What Are 3D Models Made of?


Some technologies are found in the field for the 3D artists. The model data used in it are of six types for the generation of 3D models on the computers. Each of them has different benefits as well as disadvantages for the artist who is learning or who is already a professional. This article will give a brief examination of the types. Firstly, let’s know about the Polygons.


The surfaces of the polygon are made by making a connection between the points in series. They are connected with the help of series for defining the faces with which you have to create the 3D models. The mesh modeling can be found in the CAD as well as in the non-CAD software. Many of the modelers of the polygon try to keep their focus on the quad modeling. In this type of modeling, the unit base is the polygon with four corners. This in return follows the enhancement of the workflow and for the better conversion towards the subdivision of the surfaces. This kind of typical workflow is only for the creation of mesh base.


One of the biggest drawbacks related to this type of modeling by the artist is that they start getting more complex after it is started. For instance, an addition of the edges for giving a smooth surface the structure starts getting even more difficult for manipulation. Once, you add the detail in it. You will get stuck in it. There is no ability in it for the increasing and dressing of the details. Sometimes, the models with a little detail will become a model with course look. This happens because of the lack of geometric details in it.

Learn the Modeling Techniques

For getting some modeling techniques try a different kind of programs available in the market as well as on the internet. You can try Rhino, Maya Blender. Rhino is mostly used for the NURBS-basedprogramming, but it does carry some of the tools for polygons. If you want to have a true experience of polygon modeling you can try the “milkshake 3D”. The app names, as the “Sketch up” is also a used for the polygonal work.

Pros and Cons of Polygon

There are many pros and cons of the polygon when used in practical life. It is easy to manipulate when you have low-resolution models, it is best for those who have just started to learn, and any model can be turned into the mesh model. On the other hand when it is about cons of polygon then they get difficult to manipulate with complex models. The models in it cannot be considered as the arbitrary smooth one. It does not require the models to be tight.