Usage of 3d Models in Design

3D models

What are the 3D models?

The most popular movies and video games these days are the ones created with 3D technology. However this 3D technology is not limited to movies and games. These days most design and industrial fields benefit from the use of the 3D models.

We are all familiar with prototypes and miniatures of what the result if a project will look like. It’s mostly car manufacturers and architects who use them. Thanks to the technological advancement more and more designers gave up their pens and papers in favor of a good computer and drawing program.

A 3D model is created with a specially designed computer software. Usually the mathematical representation of a real object is input in the program to have a virtual copy of the item. Designers can automatically or manually create a 3D model. It’s important to have a machine with 3D computer graphics both when creating a new model or when presenting it to others.

Where do you use one?

There are countless uses for these 3D models in design and several industrial fields. Industrial design makes good use of 3D models. These models are easy to alter with the cost of time, and a few clicks, right in front of the client. This way creating a completely interesting, unique object like a glass, plate, lamp shade, and so on, will take less time.

The medical industry uses 3D models for an interactive representation of anatomy. Creating a prosthetic leg or arm is also much more easy using 3D computer graphics. It is also easier to teach medicine using 3D models, when students can see up close anything they want, inside the body.

Clothing industry, and especially shoe manufacturers can greatly benefit from using 3D models. Creating more comfortable and stable shoes for instance becomes much more easy. This would be extremely useful for those with deformed feet.

When designers want to improve a machine they use their computers because they can see exactly how the pieces would fit together. In case of a misfit, adjusting the size or the shape of a piece is easier, faster, and cheaper, on a computer. The risk of making mistakes is considerably reduced. Designers must have advanced skills in working with CAD/CAM related software.

3D printing just started to be used in various fields since the 1980’s. This type of printing has been made available commercially only recently. 3D printing is not possible without a 3D model and a computer to control the printer, much like in 2D printing. This type of printing offers the possibility of creating some objects for a lower cost than manufacturers are used to. Prosthetics can become much more affordable and available faster through 3D printing, for instance.