Top 10 Free 3D Tutorial Websites to Learn 3D

Top 10 Free 3D Tutorial Websites to Learn 3D

Not every website where you can learn 3D modeling will cost you money. If you have access to a free 3D modeling software, why should you pay for a course to learn it anyway? Beginners who are unable to afford any of the other subscription courses are better of trying the free ones. You will still learn all the skills you need to create 3D models.

Here is a list of free 3D tutorial websites where you can learn all the skills you need:

  1. Ronen Bekerman

If you are looking for ways to make your computer graphics (CG) skills better, this is the website you ought to visit. Here, you will get help to achieve a particular effect or inspiration for the next big project. The tutorials available on this site have been created by experienced CG artists to help you achieve your goals. Besides Ronen Bekerman shares a lot of tips from his personal experience.

  1. RealScape 3D

If you are just starting out in 3D modeling and need to understand what rendering is all about, RealSpace 3D will do for you. The website was established in 2007 to provide architectural animation and architectural sundering services. On top of the technical skills you might have learned elsewhere, this platform enables you to sharpen your artistic talents.

  1. Lynda

Due to the great variety of topics covered on Lynda, this platform is perfect for anyone looking to acquire an additional skill. You will get a one-week trial for free, a period within which you can access all type of 3D modeling topics. Once the one-week free trial expires, you will be able to choose between the basic and premium accounts.

  1. Master SketchUp

Given its popularity, many 3D would like to learn SketchUp at some point in their lives. The good thing is that you do not have to pay for it. Anyone including both newbies and professionals will find this website to be of great help. On Master SketchUp, you will learn all the skills you need to be a SketchUp expert. You will learn seemingly obvious skills such as keyboard shortcuts and much more.

  1. Blender Tuts

From its title, this website is dedicated to teaching 3D artists how to use the popular and free Blender software. Blender Tuts was created in 2010 by OlivarVillar, a Blender artist from Spain. Given his vast knowledge, Villar has created some in-depth tutorials to cover everything you need to use Blender. You will learn about things you can do to improve your productivity and workstation, besides the technical staff.

  1. CG Meet Up

This community-based website covers virtually anything there is to know about 3D modeling. The website has news, community forums, and galleries concerning 3D modeling. But if you are here to learn, you will be more interested in the community-created tutorials. Available either in the form of text or video, the tutorials and available free of charge. The topics covered on CG Meet Up cover almost everything there is to know about 3D modeling.

  1. SketchUp School

Here is one of the websites where you can go to learn SketchUp skills. Although a paid service, it operates in a similar fashion to Lynda. To find out if you really need their course, you will sign up for a free one-week trial. SketchUp School aims at giving you all the skills you need to create 3D models with the aim of ending up with a rendering project. After the free trial, you may opt to sign up on a monthly or annual subscription basis.

  1. Houdini Tricks

On Houdini Tricks, you will find Houdini resources to help you improve your skills using Houdini. Apart from that, you will access interviews featuring other successful users of Houdini together with other content.Houdini Tricks presents seemingly complex Houdini procedures in terms of ‘quick tips’. If you need more time to learn the tricks, the website has all the necessary tutorials at your disposal.

  1. Blender Nation

Due to its open-source nature, Blender has a number of communities dedicated to it and this is just one of them. You will read news, discussions, and learning resources related to Blender. If you are looking for a rich library of tutorials on the software, Blender Nation is the place to be. You can learn about what it takes to use a specific tool and how to accurately sculpt a model.

  1. 3DBuzz

All newbies are advised to use this website to get started on their 3D modeling journey. The information on 3DBuss is presented in a straightforward way so that you can really focus on what’s important. The video tutorials are great for both the newbies and professional users.

As you can see, you don’t have to pay a premium price to learn how to create 3D models. By going to any of these websites, you will learn virtually everything you need.