The Business of 3D Models

Business of 3D Models

Several years ago, 3D models felt like something that we saw on the Back to the Future. However, a lot has happened in the industry in just several years. These days, you will be able to create a thriving business with a 3D model. As a matter of fact, many have been doing just that. It was predicted that this could become an industry worth billions of dollars by 2019. In accordance to a report, the industry will transform how people do business. We are on a dawn of mass customization, and you will be provided with limitless opportunities that this technology allows.


The business model is very simple – to offer print of a person’s 3D file. The only challenge with 3D models business plan is that it has already been getting more and more competitive, and your business may be seen as a commodity with ease.

1. Designing print products for e-commerce stores – E-commerce companies have to look for reliable factories internationally because it is very expensive to manufacture products in the local markets. Because the factory is far aware from the location of the company, they are encounter several problems, such as varying factory standards, long production times, and costly and long delivery times.

There are many times that e-commerce companies need to have source for more stock as compared to what they must avoid running out of products. With your 3D models services, you will be able provide an affordable and flexible solution to these problems. By printing and designing products for e-commerce shops, you are tapping into a major pain point in the industry. It is essential that you do not only see it as a way of profiting from 3D modeling. When you start a business like this, you would want to ensure that you really have the passion with regards to the quality or service levels and products that you want to be delivered.

Think about the kinds of aspects that matter most to the types of companies that would need and want your 3D models services, tailoring your business plan to address these kinds of concerns. Building a small batch production items for e-commerce companies will need a different service than planning to make an initial one-off prototypes for beginners.

2. Monthly subscription box – Monthly subscription boxes have been really famous these days. Some of these are quite of a trend, while others are a convenient way of getting products delivered to them. There are also subscription boxes for 3D modeling enthusiasts. You can also use this idea to print 3D models that are needed and wanted by people on a monthly basis.

3. Making prototypes for companies – Companies are always needing prototypes, and it can be really expensive. This is why 3D modeling prototypes have been a great alternative. They are more cost-effective and they are easier to produce. You can set standards for how to run with your hobbies and start a 3D model designing and printing business.

You can create prototypes designs to be sold to companies. You will not be printing the designs, which means that you will be able to scale faster. It is essential that you start in a particular niche. For instance, there is a medical company that is in need of 3D models prototypes. If your business specializes in medical prototype designs, they will be your clients.

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4. Setting up your own online store – If you do not want to sell your designs on the marketplace, you may open a store with a service just like Shopify. You can sell 3D designs that people can purchase right away to be used for their own businesses.

5. Repair and maintenance – As 3D modeling industry continues to grow, there are going to be a growing demand for reliable maintenance and repair services. You can set up your own repair and maintenance shop for the repair and maintenance service of 3D printers and 3D modeling tools.

6. 3D printed photographs – People love to store memories of their loved ones. One great idea for a 3D models business is to make a 3D printed family photograph. Many would love the possibility of storing a model of their grandparent, child, pet, or even a 3D model of their house.

7. Making promotional goods – Promotional goods can be really powerful for the marketing strategy for a company. The only problem with this is that it is expensive, and it is hard for them to look for creative promotional goods is they want to go with something else other than the common t-shirt. 3D models do not have the same restrictions, which is why your 3D model printing service can be the solution to this problem. Aside from targeting companies and businesses, you can also offer your services to ad agencies.

8. Events – The event industry is really big. There is everything from birthdays, weddings, and graduation parties, down to conferences and company events. You can tap into this market by designing and printing event decorations and 3D models, among other products.

9. Prosthetics – This is expensive and hard to manufacture. The 3D industry has solved several problems in this regard, making prosthetics more cost-effective, better, and more customized. In addition, this makes it easier to manufacture wheelchairs and many other support tools.

10. Customized B2B products – Not all customized products can be found in the B2C space. There are businesses that want to stand out from their competition. You will be able to create a 3D model of signature decoration, customized furniture, or other products to be sold to companies.

You can start a 3D models business in the B2B or B2C space, offering products or services, or both. Aside from that, the ideas mentioned are just ideas. You can choose from what you do best, using your skills and enjoying your hobbies, creating designs combined with your other likes. There are more to this business niche, offering you limitless opportunities. Your imagination is the only limit for this industry.