Overview of 3D Movies and 3D Experience

3D Movies

A 3D movie is a type of movie that requires glasses to be watched by the viewer. When a viewer wears the 3D glasses while watching the movie the viewer can see some characters and actions are just right in front of them. It is rumored that the first 3D movies first appeared in the year 1915.

The first successful 3D movie that was full length called “power of love” premiered in 1922. The main characters were Elliot Sparling and Barbara Bedford.

When you decide to watch a movie in 3D the experience is always exhilarating because you feel that you are part of the action. When you wear the 3D glasses while watching a movie in 3D it makes you get carried away like the scene is just right in front of you.

This is quite contrasting with watching the conventional movies because with the conventional movies you are just there watching what is happening but you don’t get the feeling that the action is right in front of you. In 3D movies the images appear real which is really fulfilling.

Movies that are not 3D can be played on 3D TVs because some 3D players or TVs are capable of converting non-3D movies to 3D movies. The only thing is that some movies are always not so good when converted to 3D.

When you are going to a 3D movie theatre you will be required to wear 3D glasses for you to be able to get the 3D experience. Without the glasses you will not be able to experience the 3D effect of the movie, it will be like you are watching a 2D movie.

If you like watching 3D movies you can opt to buy a 3D TV. 3D TV is expensive but it could help you save a lot particularly if you are the type of a person who likes watching 3D movies in theatres. 3D TVs are now available that are quite similar with the cinemas.

Some people who have watched movies on 3D TVs however have complained of feeling dizzy and not being able to get much content as compared to watching movies on the regular TVs. Some people also have complained of images on 3D TVs to be appearing darker.

Because watching movies in 3D makes someone feel like the action is occurring right in front of them, 3D movies that are horrific are not ideal for children. Children who watch such types of movies on 3D TVs might end up really scared to ever want to watch movies again.

The other disadvantage of 3D TVs is that they are really expensive and only those who are privileged have the chance to buy them. When you want to watch a 3D movie either at a theatre or on 3D TV you will need the 3D glasses.

Without the glasses you will not be able to experience the 3D effect of the movie that you are watching. On average 3D movies are really fun to watch as compared to the conventional movies.