Know More About 3D Modeling

3D Modeling

3D means three dimensional if we talk in general scientific terms. It is an extended form of 2D in which the objects are represented mathematically in two dimensions i.e. x and y axis respectively. However in 3D modeling, any kind of object can be represented mathematically in the three dimensions which are the x-axis, y –axis and the z-axis which relates to the depth. The process in which we represent an object using 3d models involves the use of computer simulation software. The computer simulation software is a special kind of simulation software through which we can express a real life object on a computer in a virtual manner. This helps to analyze and represent the object properly across the three axis.

A 3d model is a graphical model on screen that shows an object in a 3D environment. The object being modeled is shown by a collection of points which are related to each other. These points are then connected by lines to from a closed figure called ‘mesh’. This method of computer graphics makes various changes on an object regarding its size, shape and location. Scaling, transformation, rotation are a few examples of the processes that are used to represent an object in a 3D environment altogether. There are two types of 3d models. The first type of 3d model is a Solid model. This type of model expresses an object in a highly realistic manner. It is used for making simulations for CAD which stands for Computer Aided Design. Shell boundary is the second type of 3d model that is used to show any object in a 3D space.

The shell boundary model shows the surface element of an object. The 3D modeling technique is extensively and widely used in various field of computer science which makes use of 3D graphics. The computer games are a fine example of 3D modeling. In PC games, the animations and objects that we see look very realistic and resemble quite similar to the real life objects. This has all been possible due to the applications of 3D modeling. The user viewing is also enhanced to a much higher level and they are able to see better graphical animations. The detailing of the graphics of an object also increases with 3D modeling and so the viewer is able to see stunning graphics being rendered or displayed on the computer screen. Therefore, 3D modeling is a very popular application of computer graphics.