The Importance of 3D Models

The Importance of 3D Models

Technology ferries creative thinking closer to reality, the perfect example to reinstate this can be, how 3D modeling totally changed the presentation world of structure designs. It's like drawing the multi-dimensional pictures from your brain and painting them on paper to see exactly how it looks. The impact 3D modeling has got on delivering architectural services is definitely the most transforming actions to have happened. Let’s take the privilege of the architecture presentation advantages because of 3D modeling. Listed bellow are some of the importance of using 3D models:

Quick, Easy and Realistic

Right from the reducing the scores of the vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines of the 2D drawings to getting a one-design picture of the architectural services is what 3D modeling facilitate. Your style and design become more brilliant, and your customers can take a virtual tour of their construction projects.Additionally, you can easily check whether a new plan is feasible or check how little changes to the design will look like.

Much Better For Marketing, And Project Approvals 

The practical experience of dealing with a 3D model is more compelling and pleasing to prospects compared to viewing a 2D drawing. The brilliant imagery lingers in the prospect's mind for a longer time, and you stand a better chance of gaining the customer. Also, the project approval rate in construction firm is easier and quicker when a 3D model is employed. 

Simple And Easy Re-Modeling And Corrections 

In a 3D model, it is much easier to see the effect on the overall design when major or minor changes are made; this could help in finalizing the design with a low cost and post-construction cost-incurring corrections or changes. Also, it is accurate as the end construction shapes-up to the developed end-result as deduced from the 3D model.


A 3D design can clearly and physically show the measurement of the objects and its distance with regard to other objects in the entire layout. This will greatly help customers to see and correct arrangement of objects depending on their dimensions to achieve different objectives like movement problems, space, room size corrections and more.

Impact On Project Execution 

With very clear design, it is faster and easier for the engineers to complete the project at reduced costs and according to the plan. 
A report presented that these technologies had a great impact on project execution, including - 

Elimination of field interferences

Less rework

Fewer requests for information

Increased productivity

Fewer change orders

A decrease in time from start of construction to facility turnover.