How Turbosquid Provides 3D Models for your Efforts

3D Model

Over the past two decades, 3D modeling has become quite prevalent in many industries. Companies like TurboSquid are part of the revolution that has changed the way many people look at the 3D rendering of computer models.

But what is 3D modeling, what types are available, and how does TurboSquid help out businesses, organizations, individuals, and 3D artists in their craft?

What is 3D Modeling?

In terms of computer graphics, 3D modeling is essentially the mathematical representation of the surface of an object. Using specialized software, there are innumerable objects that can be rendered as a 3D model which includes those that exist in the real world and those that are partially or fully imagined. Using a process called 3D rendering, the model can be rendered as a single image or used as part of a simulation on the computer. One exciting recent development is 3D printing which can bring the object from the computer into the real world.

3D models are used in many different applications, including graphics and CAD. Plus, they have been widespread in video or computer games for a long time as well. Most people may be familiar with the 3D renderings used in movies in both animated versions and those meant to represent real life. The medical industry for example uses 3D images created for their CT or MRI scans to get a better understanding of what is going on under the skin. This type of modeling is used in many different industries for a wide variety of purposes from demonstrating a conceptual model to testing out a new design and so forth.

Types of 3D Models

Of the many different renderings that have been made in 3D, all of them can essentially be broken down into two different types. There are solid models that visually represent the item in as realistic manner as possible. They are mostly used for non-visual simulations for the medical as well as the engineering industries. They also have CAD or a customized visual appeal for constructive solid geometry or ray tracing.

Then, there are boundary or shell models that only represent the surface of the object. Since this particular type is far easier to build and manipulate, they are generally far more popular than their solid counterparts. When you play video games or go to the movies that use such models, they are always boundary or shell in nature.

There are three different ways that 3D modeling is created, polygonal, curved, and digital sculpting. Each method has its own benefits as well as issues.


Most 3D models are fashioned using this method of connecting line segments to create a polygonal mesh. They are flexible, easy to control, and can provide a realistic rendering. However, because of their unique nature they are not well designed to recreate curved surfaces.


As implied by the name, this is a process that uses curbed surfaces to achieve a 3D effect. By increasing the weight at a certain point, it will affect the shape of the curve itself.

Digital Sculpting:

This is still rather new and involves at least three different sub-methods to create. Essentially, digital sculpting has become very popular thanks mostly to its use of displacement which can create new models and render them fairly quickly and realistically.

In the end, 3D modeling offers businesses, organizations, and individuals the ability to use a visually realistic representation in a myriad of ways. Today, with more people needing 3D models there are companies that dedicate themselves to provide both stock and customized products for their use.

One of the most interesting is TurboSquid which has established a very strong reputation in the industry for creating realistic, useful, and relatively inexpensive 3D products for uses in a wide variety of industries.

How TurboSquid Provides 3D Models for Your Efforts

– News Organizations
– Game Designers and Developers
– Visual Effects Studios
– Architects
– Creative Professionals and More

You have probably seen the work of TurboSquid in various websites, broadcast or internet television, and the like. The professionals at the company have created a wide variety of models that can be purchased as stock, modified for a particular use, or created from scratch in order to fulfill a particular need. Whether you are a 3D artist or are simply looking for the right images for your particular industry, TurboSquid is here to help.

There are a number of reasons why so many have chosen TurboSquid for their selection of existing models as well as having original ones created.

Save Time: It takes a considerable amount of time to do 3D modeling, particularly for those who may not have the latest, most up to date software and computer systems. At TurboSquid, you can save a great deal of time and effort by having 3D models created for you by skilled professionals.

Low Cost: Because the company takes order from around the world, they can offer a low, competitive price for the models they create. This means that you can either use the stock models available or choose to have a customized version done all for prices that meet or beat the competition.

Realistic, Detailed Renderings: TurboSquid has a team of experienced, knowledgeable professionals who love their work and are excited to take on new challenges. This means that you get the best in 3D modeling when using the services of the company.

In addition to creating models for customers, the company also focuses on helping the creativity of 3D artists around the world by providing a wide library of stock models so that they can build their career in the world of 3D rendering of models. TurboSquid is active in the industry and wants every artist to have the stock models needed to help them with their efforts.

If you are looking for a professional company that can design and create 3D models for your business or organizational efforts, then TurboSquid is the right company for you. The dedicated professional technicians at TurboSquid can create top quality professional models that range from animals, vehicles, technology, landscapes, and so much more. We can customize to your design needs and provide the best in 3D modeling to fully reveal the subject you want created.