Five Helpful Tips for Doing 3D Computer Graphics

Tips for Doing 3D Computer Graphics

3D are graphics that use a three- dimensional representation of geometrical data that’s found in a PC to render 2D images and perform calculations. The images formed are usually displayed immediately or stored and viewed later. They are sometimes referred to as 3D models. Apart from them producing images, they are housed within the graphical data file.
Therefore, a 3D model can be defined as a mathematical representation of a 3D object. Technically a model is not graphical until it’s displayed. 3D rendering is the process that’s used to visually display a two-dimensional graphic.


The 3D computer graphics are categorized into three phases:

Animation And Layout

Animation is how an object deforms or moves over time. The common methods used in this process include motion capture, keyframing and inverse kinematics. These methods might be combined to come up with an accurate animation.

3D Modeling

The process in which an object acquires its shape is known as modeling. An artist uses some computer tools, therefore, scanning models into the computer by using real world objects.


Realistic photo images are created through rendering, since this process is used to convert models into images through the stimulation of light. The main basics behind this process are; how a surface interacts with light or how much light is reflected from one point to the other.

In order to excel in 3D Computer Graphics, the following tips will be of great use to you;

Have Basic Computer Knowledge

You should familiarize yourself with basic computer hardware and software, which go hand in hand with the 3D graphic systems. Some of the hardware include; a central processing unit, a hard disk drive and a working motherboard.

Have a Graphic Processing Unit

When it comes to the production of 3D computer graphic, you must have a graphic processing unit. This is the most commonly used path that connects the computer, and the graphics displayed on the monitor.

Have Basic Mathematics Knowledge

Having a basic understanding of mathematics is a plus for you, when it comes to doing 3D computer graphics. Normally, the computer only offers the basic tools and you must know how to combine them with mathematics, in order to achieve the desired graphics.

Posses Color Knowledge

You should also learn how to control colors. The most commonly used colors are red, green and blue and when combined with certain programs, one will have the chance to control the components and also its manner. Java is then programmed to make this a success.

Know Your Shapes

Learning how to create different shapes through programming, is a useful tip when it comes to doing 3D Computer Graphics. Here, you will be able to learn about screen coordinates, color models and so much more. Again Java offers all the necessary basic methods to create graphical shapes along with different graphical classes.