Common Misconceptions About 3D Models


Technology has been always part of our lives. No one can deny how useful it is and that we even think that having is already a necessity. Thus, through the rapid advancement in technology a very interesting idea of creating 3d models has been introduced.


At present, 3 dimensional models are used to provide a closer representation of many different subjects needed by consumers, especially to those who are not satisfied at plain pictures (often referred to as 2D). A few examples of three-dimensional models include action figures of favorite super heroes, celebrities, vehicles, buildings, mannequins, up to a master plan of an entire city.

While it has been known that 3D models have wide range of application in many different industries, some people misunderstood its features, functions, and/or purposes. The most common misconceptions about include the following:

3d models look exactly the same as the original object

As no two individuals are exactly alike, it is also true on subject replicas. It’s very much impossible for a 3d designer or maker to make a perfect model that is of exactly the same as the real object. Like for example, one can create a mannequin that really looks like Taylor Swift or Kobe Bryant, but it’s still a mannequin, it can never be like the real Taylor Swift and Kobe Bryant.

3D models are basically used for toys

Three-dimensional models are not limited to action figures of your favorite cartoon character or iconic sports hero. It is used in various industries, which include (but are not limited to) the following:


Advertising and Marketing Industry

With the use of this 3d models a lot of companies can promote and advertise their product in a more artistic and interesting ways.

Science and Geology

Scientists and geologist use this in making a research ad serve as their models for their study on ocean trenches, flight patterns, landforms and earthquakes.

Medical Practitioners

3-dimensional models of organs and body parts are used among demonstration and in teaching medical students. These provide students useful subjects in putting their concepts into practice.


Architects and engineers already are using it to have a complete view of all the angles of the building they are planning. So, even their clients can really picture out the result of your project.

It’s Too Expensive!

Many people think that 3d objects can only be afford by wealthy people, but that’s not true, a lot of models now are very much available in the market and of having a low price yet of good quality. You can even buy and have a collection of a 3d model of your favorite cartoon character or super heroes like Batman, The Avengers and Incredible Hulk.

3D models are indeed useful, but its uses and features should not be wrongly viewed. When you have the right understanding about the features and functions of these objects, you will be able to maximize its full potentials, which will help increase the productivity and efficiency of your projects.