Best Free 3D Model Websites

Free 3D Models

A 3D model is a model that represents an object by using a collection of points in three dimensional space, connected by geometric shapes such as squares, rectangles or other flat objects. Using an online service to create 3D models is an excellent way to save money and time over trying to hire a professional service to complete the model for you. There are plenty of uses for 3D models, from animation to video game design and website content. Depending on what you need the 3D models for, it may be best to spend a little money on getting your 3d models professional done, but for those of you looking for some free services to render your 3D models, there are plenty available. This article will go over some of the best free 3D model websites that are currently available.

1. CGTrader

Currently the largest online model marketplace with over 600,000 users and 525,000 models – the latter of which range from game-ready to CG to 3D print-ready. And 206,000 of those models are free, a result of company encouraging modelers to upload free models to give clients a taste of their quality of work.

2. TurboSquid

Perhaps the highest rated free 3D service on the internet currently is TurboSquid. The easy to use interface allows you to find 3D models of human characters, household items, body parts, vehicles, weapons, aliens, architecture, medieval period items, cartoon style items, animals, and mechanics such as robots. The current model formats that TurboSquid allows you to save in are Max, 3DS, DXF, LWO and many other 3d formats.

3. is known for its largest collection of 3D car models on the Internet. It includes more than 9000 unique vehicles. However, in addition you can also find a large selection of 3D models of buildings, furniture, electronics, animals and plants on the site. Since all the models are created by the design team, you can always order any custom modifications of your choice.

4. Archive3D

Currently the largest free 3D model downloading service, Archive3D allows users to download over 15,000 different model types without having to register or create an account. From appliances, to furniture and modeling shapes, Archive 3D is the largest free download service.

5. TF3DM

Ranking third in popularity is TF3DM (The free 3d models), an online source of 3D models collected from different places scattered around the internet. Although TF3DM has a bit more difficult interface to navigate through, it provides more free 3d models than Turbosquid. Overall, TF3DM offers free 3d models to download in the popular 3d formats.

The top rated free 3D model websites have been listed above. These websites give an extensive list of different model types for any type of build, without having to spend a penny.