Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About 3D Models

3D Models

3D modeling is the process of creating a mathematical representation of a three-dimensional surface of an object either living or inanimate with specialized software. 3D models can either be developed manually or automatically. The manual modeling process is similar to sculpting. While the automatic modeling process is done with a type of 3D graphics software. The individual programs in this class of 3D computer graphics software are called modelers or modeling applications. Let us consider some facts about 3D models so as to answer some frequently asked questions about them.


3D Models

3D models are a representation of a physical body with a group of points in 3D space, linked by various geometric entities like lines, triangles, and curved surfaces, etc. As a collection of data, 3D models may be developed by hand; that is algorithmic, procedural modeling, or scanning.

The Modeling Process


There are three known ways to represent a model namely;

Polygonal Modeling

Points in a 3D space are linked by line sections to make a polygon mesh. Today majority of 3D models are developed as textured polygonal models; this is because they are flexible, and computers can render them quickly.

Curve Modeling

In curve modeling, surfaces are elucidated by curves, that are influenced by packed control points. The curve follows the points but does not necessarily interpolate them.

Digital Sculpting

3D Digital Sculpting, involves using a software that offers materials to pull, smooth, push, grab, pinch or manipulate a digital object like it was made of a real-life substance like clay. Though still a new method of 3D modeling, digital sculpting is growing popular for the few years that it has being used.

Applications of 3D Models


3D models are can be used in CAD and 3D graphics. 3D modeling solutions are used by professionals across a broad range of industries to develop concept variations and visualize designs, test designs under real-world conditions, to create dynamic effects and graphics and explore complete products before they are built. 3D models can be used in the medical industry to create detailed models of organs. The movie industry uses 3D models objects for animated characters and for real-life motion pictures. While they are used in the video game industry as assets for video and computer games. They are also used in science as well detailed replicas of chemical compounds.

The architecture industry uses 3D models to demonstrate proposed landscapes and buildings ahead of the conventional physical architectural models. In engineering, they are used as designs for new vehicles, devices (physical devices that are built with 3D printers or CNC machines and others) and structures among a host of other uses. In recent times, the earth science community have decided to make the construction of 3D geological models as standard practice. In the media and event planning industry, 3D models are used in set or stage design.