5 Reliable Sources to Learn About the 3D Models Industry

3D Models Industry

The use of 3D models is becoming a must in a number of key design industries. People are using it in manufacturing, 3D printing, and construction industries to get a real-life visualization of the projects in question.

People in the medical sector, architecture, and chemistry have no option but to learn everything about the 3D modeling industry. Compared to 2D sketches, 3D models will make your day-to-day work even better.

To learn how to create 3D models using computer software, you may want to enroll in one of the available online classes. In this write-up, we discuss 5 reliable sources to learn about 3D the modeling industry. Read on.

  1. Pluralsight

This online subscription library offers a number of technology courses including 3D modeling. You will be required to pay a monthly subscription fee to access their video courses. In total, you will get access to over 6,000 courses on technical subjects.

If you are a fast learner, you can go through as many of the videos within a very short time. Slow learners can take their time. It is not like a classroom setting where you have to move at the teacher’s pace. If you have a busy schedule, the video courses take the stress out of the learning process.

Pluralsight has tutorial videos on all the software used to create 3D models including Maya, Blender, and others.They have a mentoring setup through which you can book time with an instructor. So you have an opportunity to work with professionals.

  1. CG Spectrum

If you are looking for a place to learn a full diploma course online, CG Spectrum is the place to go. This site employs professionals with vast experience working on video games, TV shows, and movies. You can be sure of getting real-world skills through this e-learning site.

You may opt to get specific skills and go all the way until you qualify for a diploma. Beginners are better off starting with the course on Introduction to 3D Modeling. Apart from being a free-standing course, it will help you to learn all about 3D models in no time.

3D modeling is tough to learn, which means you should be prepared to go all the way. For the introductory course, you will need at least 6 months to complete. By interacting with the other students and instructors, the course should feel like a breeze.

  1. Lynda

Just like Pluralsight, Lynda has a number of courses dedicated to the creation of 3D models. It is an online subscriptions library where you will be asked to pay a monthly fee. You will choose from the huge list of video courses available on this site.

If you are just starting out in the 3D modeling industry, Lynda is the go-to site. They have courses in video editing, web design, VFX, and basic art & illustration. You will get the basic skills you need to start making 3D models.

They offer video courses on design software such as Revit Architecture, Maya, Solidworks, and 3Ds Max. You can progress in your skill levels as you go until you know how to use the software.Their video collection is bigger than that of Pluralsight, which means you will get a variety of courses.

  1. Mold3D Academy

Everyone who needs to learn how to create 3D models should make Mold3D Academy, their go-to site. You have the option of enrolling for online classes or private tutoring which is more expensive. You may also opt for the self-paced modeling and sculpturing courses. With this option, you can study at your own free time.

The instructors working on this site have industry experience and some have worked for companies such as Blue Sky Studios and Disney. Most courses take 3 to 6 months and are some of the best in the industry.

  1. Udemy

Udemy mainly delivers their courses in the form of video lessons. The courses are tailored to give you 3D modeling basics using Blender. Since this is a free software, this course will set you off to a good start when it comes to creating 3D models.

They will teach you how to create, animate, and color models. That’s in addition to introducing you to what it takes to implement a 3D modeling project. Beginners will appreciate this course more than the rest.

But Udemy is not all about the Blender course. There are many others, which you can choose depending on what else you want to learn. Besides, the Udemy library contains a number of resources to help you succeed in your 3D modeling endeavors.


As you can see, there are a number of places where you will learn about the 3D modeling industry. It all depends on what you need to learn and whether you need papers in the end. The course you take will also be based on whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional. Be wise when picking a site to enroll with.