5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore 3D Computer Graphics

3D Big Dog

This is one field that seems strange to most people, being quite abstract and technical to them, with exception to a few who are actually engaged in the practice. Perhaps, you belong to another group of persons, who would have heard of the terms “3D” or “Computer Graphics”, but may not really be in the know about them. Then it would be quite sensible to have some basic understanding (especially to the novices) about this enigma, before we hit the ground running.

Definition of Computer Graphic

Computer Graphics involves using a computer to create or simulate pictures and videos on the computer screen.
It is also the use of computer and specialized softwares create and manipulate pictorial images for the purpose of animation, business presentation, and scientific research.

Computer graphic entails mainly pictures and videos, it is not sound, neither is it text. The operating principle at work here is the superimposition of certain principles in physics, geometrical theories, and optical sciences. So basically, computer graphics is the act of drawing pictures(sketches, simulations, moving pictures) on computers.

3D Computer Graphic

Three-dimensional graphics is an advanced state of computer graphics. In an ideal way, three-dimensional graphics is defined as a category of computer graphics, having a instruments and methods of drawing three-dimensional shapes and pictures of objects.

The Various Benefits of 3D Computer Graphics

1. Animation Production

Three-dimensional possesses a very unique quality of being able to show moving pictures. This makes the production of animation possible as in movies and cartoons.

2. Dynamics of Motion

Dynamics of motion is the ability of computers to simulate the motion of objects relative to a stationary point by the use of a special tool. The computer is able to control objects displayed on its screen, by moving, rotating, and tumbling them, such that they can be viewed at all sides and angles by someone who is stationary.

Computer Graphics can also simulate the viewer as moving around the object, while it is stationary. This particular attribute is mostly used in movies, advertisements, AutoCAD and Archicad presentations, and in business presentations.

3. Ability to Change Properties

Computer Graphics can also be used to change the attributes of objects displayed on its screen. This dynamism is carried out by the use of special tools, that are capable of changing objects’ properties such as the shape, size, color, angles, etc.

4. Portrays Corporate Excellence

The use of computer graphics by companies and institutions always signifies good organization, professionalism, excellence, skillfulness; thereby reflecting a robust corporate image. It shows that the firm is matured, skillful and serious at doing business. What a three-dimensional graphics can elaborate convincingly, a verbal explanation will always fall short at.

A company can use computer graphics to display their ideas and products, in a meeting with stakeholders in order to raise fund. It can be used in a seminar or project presentation in academic institutions. Also, it can be used in the architectural drawings of very large and complex structures, so that stakeholders who are physically far from site can view, understand and express their opinions.

5. Visual Access to Products under Construction

This advantage comes in very handy in the engineering sector, such as in the manufacturing of automobiles, electronics, machinery, etc. Even before a product is produced, it must have been drawn with computer graphics on a computer. The image still remains on the computer during the production process. Thus, it can serve as an excellent reference at any time, aiding in more brainstorming, corrections, and in the evolution of ideas and newer strategies.

These are just a fraction of the dividends of three-dimensional computer graphics. Its benefits transcends so many sectors of human life, sectors such as medical, engineering, computer science, academics, architecture, in government establishments, etc. Therefore three-dimensional computer graphics is an invaluable asset in our contemporary world.