3D Modeling Technology: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly


The usual system of drafting has changed from blueprints into the new world of 3D Modeling where any file can be modified or updated instantly and sent through email. The Designer creates files by using CAD software which is commonly accessed and utilized by the manufacturing machines to produce their products. The 3D CAD designer is the actual figure behind the 3D model. CAD drafting services do some essential services for the general public.


With the advancements in this technology, almost all types of technical drawings are done with the aid of the computers. Although Blueprints are all the same used for other reasons and in the field, the drawings are created by the computer. Nowadays, the method of updating a design is different from the past when the drafters would have to either start all over or completely erase the document. The drafters will only open the file on the computer and make the necessary modification. One great feature of the 3D Model is that you can save the file to your computer, any external hard drive or it can be saved online for future use.

In the software, there are tools for creating circles, lines, arcs, and some 3D related objects. Also in this software are commands for cutting, sculpting, mirroring, and revolving other 3D tools. The software can also work on lighting, texture, images with color, and backgrounds. All these are only possible with the CAD designers help. Think of anything; it can be designed.


The invention of 3D models has made it possible for the design process to be efficiently and accurately done than it was in the past. Drafting has faced many challenges in the past, and routine updates to CAD software are being made. These days, blueprint even more flexible and gives room to quick changes to be made at any time. 3D modeling is used in every work of life from invention to architecture, and it is the tool that is employed in any technical drawing. It technically makes it possible for engineers to examine their work before starting production, and this has made life more comfortable for us to live.

The primary method of creating your models is by importing 3D models from CAD programs. A few advantages of using 3D Modeling are:

– They are incredibly perfect.
– The same models can be utilized for both working drawings and visualization
– Complex operations are solvable.
– Compound blending and filleting are possible.
– Often more experienced CAD operators are accessible.

Disadvantages of using 3D models are:

– They can create excessively crowded meshes.
– CAD designs flipped face of regular/missing faces.
– CAD operations produce thin, long faces which can cause materials problems and shadow casting.

Objects that are imported cannot be parametrically edited, and they do not have the capability. Many companies which still possess many years of 2D CAD information or drawings still use them as the basis for many 3D models. It is ideal for the users to process the CAD drawing to remove the irrelevant items like dimensions and text.