3D Graphics and its Software

3D Graphics

3D Graphics use three-dimensional illustration of geometric data that can be displayed or can be viewed in actual that is kept in a computer. It is composed of three coordinates X, Y and Z. 3D Graphics’ application and methods is very essential especially to the companies who are inclined in games, computer-aided and entertainment businesses. There is different 3D Graphics software that can be used by designers for their projects.

Here are the best 3D Graphics software that you can use and install in your computer:


is 3D graphics software that you can download free. The software is accessible for all operating systems like Windows XP, Macintosh, Windows 8 etc. Ton Roosendaal founded blender in 2002. When you install this software, you can enjoy all the three things it offers like animation, rendering, compositing and texturing.

Daz Studio

Daz Studio offers customization for 3D figures. The software can also be used for animation. It encourages people to bring out their talents when it comes to digital art. Daz Studio 4.5 is the latest version of the software and it cost $2499.00 but can still be downloaded free of charge.


Softimage Mod Tool is a 3D graphic software that is especially designed for people who loves to create games. The software can be downloaded free.


Sculptris is the perfect 3D graphics software for those who want to learn digital sculpting. The software is easy to use and is open to all who are into 3D graphics.

Houdini Apprentice

Houdini Apprentice is a 3D graphics software that used mostly by the media industry. They use it for broadcast, film visualization and entertainment. Houdini Apprentice’s versions vary in prices and the cheapest one is below $2000. Since the price is a bit high, the makers of the software offered a free version of it. You can use all the features in the software just like in its full version. This free version is only used for enhancing your skills and for personal tasks.

Maya and 3Ds Max

Maya and 3Ds Max Free Trial is mostly used by animation studios. In addition, if you are looking for software where you can master all about 3D Graphics, this is the best choice. The software offers a thirty day (30) free trial. The cost for this software is at least $3,675.

Several 3D Graphics software is available all over the internet that can be downloaded. This software is a good ground for practicing your 3D graphics skills and discovers your talent in designing. This is a great help in nurturing your skills and making yourself the best in 3D graphic designs.

3D graphics also play your imagination since it uses three-dimensional illustrations that can surely boost your creative minds. You can easily determine the different faces of the picture and know the flaws in it. The software will help in bringing out your best ideas and designs. It will also assist you in your beginning times. Through the software, you are the master of your own craft.